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Infographic: Are consumers buying sustainability?

Infographic: Are consumers buying sustainability?

Consumers want retailers and brands to share their sustainability values, but are they willing to pay up with their hard-earned green?

Findings by The Hartman Group shown in the below infographic display a disconnect between consumer concern and buying decisions.

The research company found that consumers care about broad business practices but often evaluate products separately. Hartman highlights these examples:

  • In meat, animal welfare is the most salient dimension of responsibility because consumers believe animals that have lived a good life provide healthier meat.
  • In chocolate, Fair Trade counts because Fair Trade practices indicate a higher quality bar, made by a company with a passion for ingredients.
  • In cosmetics, animal welfare matters because consumers assume that a product tested on animals contains chemicals they would worry about putting on their skin.
  • In household cleaners, air and water pollution connects because consumers assume that a product that causes pollution must contain harsh chemicals that are unsafe to have in the home.

Understanding these values helps retailers as well as brands share the sustainability story in a more pertinent way.


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