Natural Foods Merchandiser

June 2004 Promotional Ideas

Monthly Themes
National Cancer From the Sun Awareness Month
Candy Month
Child Vision Awareness Month
Children?s Awareness Month
Dairy Month
Gay and Lesbian Pride Month
International Men?s Month
Turkey Lovers? Month
Iced Tea Month
Rivers Month
Rose Month
Soul Food Month
Vision Research Month

Weekly Themes
June 1-7—Volunteers Week
June 6-12—Headache Awareness Week
June 14-20—Little League Baseball Week

Daily Themes
June 5—Hunger Awareness Day
June 5—United Nations? World Environment Day
June 5—Heirloom Seed Day
June 13—Multicultural American Children Awareness Day
June 14—Flag Day
June 18—National Splurge Day
June 20—Father?s Day
June 20—First Day of Summer
June 20—Vegan World Day
June 24—Celebration of the Senses
June 25—Take Your Dog to Work Day
June 26—30th Anniversary of the Bar Code

Tip: Celebrate candy month with a display of the numerous natural, organic, sugar-free and vegan candies available. Sponsor a competition, asking customers to come up with candy ideas that do not yet exist.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXIV/number 4/p. 58

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