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Supply Expo Keynote Pop Quiz

Don’t miss Mark Whitacre (March 6, 3:30 – 5 p.m., 204 A), Supply Expo Keynote speaker and subject of the upcoming movie, The Informant. Test your movie and supplements smarts with our pop quiz.

A. What dietary supplement was central to the upcoming movie, The Informant?

B. What dietary supplement did Mark Whitacre study for his PhD?

C. What dietary supplement has the only cancer-related health claim?

D. What percentage of cancer cases are related to lifestyle factors of diet and exercise?

E. What exercise did Matt Damon do to lose 30 pounds after playing Mark Whitacre in the movie, The Informant?

F. What exercise did Mark Whitacre do in prison to lose 30 pounds after being The Informant?


Answers to the Supply Expo Keynote Pop Quiz:

A: Lysine
B: Selenium yeast
C: Selenium yeast
D: 60 percent
E: Boxing
F: Weight lifting and running

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