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Natural Foods Merchandiser

Marketing and infrastructure innovation drives Door to Door Organics

2015 Retailer of the Year nominee Door to Door Organics
NFM, Natural Product Expo East Retailer of the Year innovation nominee Door to Door Organics focuses on technology to help customers and deliver organic growth.

2015 Retailer of the Year nominee Door to Door Organics

One innovative company combines the perks of a CSA, farmers market and natural foods store into one: Door to Door Organics.

Launched in 1997, the Louisville, Colorado-based Certified B Corp delivers a customized box of fresh, seasonal organic produce (local whenever possible) to customers’ doorsteps each week. Now serving 13 states with more markets on the horizon, Door to Door also offers a ginormous selection of local, non-GMO, organic, artisanal and special-diet-focused grocery items. The company shares its vendors’ stories via blogs, social media, farmer trading cards and other materials to build community and connect customers with the real people producing their food.

Three ways Door to Door Organics innovates to bring good food to more folks:

Organic produce is a must. Unlike most other online food retailers, customers can’t even buy packaged groceries from Door to Door without getting an organic produce box (available in four sizes). That’s because DTDO firmly believes fresh, organic fruits and veggies are the basis of good health. “We want to be more than just a source for food,” says Chad Arnold, president and CEO. “We embrace the whole lifestyle of eating organically and sustainably.” But the company offers more flexibility than a CSA in that customers can customize their boxes.

Meal planning and product recommendations. “Eating well is difficult, so we wanted to help customers make healthier, more sustainable choices for their families,” Arnold says. “In 2011, we added meal-planning and product-recommendation tools to make shopping easier.” Now, the site suggests relevant recipes and products based on customers’ individual dietary preferences, seasonality and user ratings. Customers can click on a recipe and instantly see what ingredients to buy. “We’ve only scratched the surface with these tools,” Arnold says. “We’re planning to expand their functionality even more.”

Innovative features save time, stress. Door to Door’s Recurring Order function allows shoppers to have milk, bread and other staples delivered automatically each week. With the Restock section of Door to Door’s Shop, customers can view a customized “aisle” of their frequent purchases that they can reorder with one click. A digital shopping list lets customers add items at any time so they won’t forget something they need when it comes time to order. “We’re also transitioning to a mobile-friendly experience and just launched the first phase of a responsive mobile site that will meet customers where they are in terms of how and where they shop,” Arnold says. “We know consumers are connecting on social media, so we’re interacting with them there and driving them to our online Shop.”

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