10 personal care trends from NPA MarketPlace beauty editors

10 personal care trends from NPA MarketPlace beauty editors

With natural personal care sales expected to top 9 billion in 2012, retailers have an opportunity to ride the wave of this growing category. NPA MarketPlace speakers share cutting-edge science and ingredient trends for natural retailers.

The Personal Care Series on June 14 at NPA MarketPlace in Las Vegas offers the latest insight and analysis from top beauty editors. Retailers must navigate continuing scientific advances and trends in natural personal care in order to sell these products. Here is a list of the top 10 trends from the series' speakers.

Jolene Hart, freelance writer, Beauty is Wellness

  1. Alternatives to the doctor’s office: plant-based Retinoids
    Several new anti-aging skin care formulas mimic the skin rejuvenating effects of prescription retinoids using ingredients found in nature. These plant-based retinol alternatives bypass the irritation, redness and photosensitivity commonly experienced by retinol users and open the door for powerful, over the counter, natural anti-aging skin care options.
  2. Nutraceuticals
    Our skin, hair and nail health benefits from both an inner and an outer approach to beauty. A growing number of beauty brands are focusing on ingestible beauty products, or pairing supplements and other nutraceutical foods with topical beauty products to nourish beauty from the inside out, and the outside in.
  3. Adult sunscreen trends
    Shielding the skin from UV exposure is essential to prevent signs of aging and increased risk of skin cancer, but there’s lingering controversy over the safety of many widely used sunscreen actives. The hunt for safe, UV-protective natural ingredients and nutraceuticals continues, from the ocean to your garden produce

Sophie Uliano, author and beauty editor, Gorgeously Green

  1. Enzyme peels
    There are so many wonderful “natural” alternatives to procedures such as peels that you would typically need to have applied in a dermatologist’s office. Many of these peels use strengths that actually make a difference and I’m beginning to see many of my favorite lines come out with some kind of a version of a fruit acid peel.
  2. Botanicals
    Botanicals is such a widely-used term in natural skin care. It’s been a trend for the past couple of years and this trend is set to continue. That said, what does it actually mean? It’s important to discuss the difference between a clean, potent botanical and the synthetic version that you find in most department and drugstore products. It’s a word that can easily be used to greenwash a product, so we need to get beyond the label on this term.
  3. Teen and tween skincare
    The teen/tween skin care market is exploding. Younger girls (starting age 8) now want their own skin care products and the market is responding. I’ve seen a bunch of companies sprout up offering products that target tween/teen concerns, such as acne, candy-scented potions and products that are gentle enough to be used on young skin. I have a 10 year-old daughter who has been testing a plethora of skin care and hair care products.

Jessica Rubino, senior associate editor, Delicious Living Magazine

  1. Gluten-free personal care products
    The growing popularity of gluten-free personal care products proves that more consumers are connecting nutrition and beauty. Find out how to best merchandise gluten free—and which other dietary issues could be relevant to your HABA department.
  2. Natural and organic certification standards
    Between unsubstantiated claims and multiple certifications, many consumers are still confused and skeptical about natural and organic personal care. What can you do? Decode common terms and labels to earn long-term customer loyalty.
  3. Children’s personal care
    Over the past several years, consumers have become privy to toxins in kids bath products. Today, discerning moms could very well be your most important customer. From sun care to bath products, learn why to stock up on safer kids  personal care products.
  4. Ayurvedic personal care
    The ancient Eastern practice of Ayurveda may still be foreign to many Americans. However, its fundamental principles can help customers tailor personal care choices to their specific body types and promote overall wellness.
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