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2011 food and beverage retail trends

Value continues to drive food and beverage purchasing. Check out the consumer trends predicted to persist into 2012.

Value continues to drive food and beverage purchasing decisions. From eating meals at home and shopping at value-centric retailers like Walmart to deferring discretionary purchases and trading down on essentials, these consumer tendencies persisted throughout 2011 and are predicted to impact the beginning of 2012, according to Rockville, Md.-based market research firm Packaged Facts. 

$36 billion: 2010 U.S. retail sales of natural foods, beverages, supplements and personal care itemsa 7 percent increase over 2009

$560 billion: 2010 U.S. retail sales of conventional food and beverages—an increase of only 2 percent over 2009

31 percent: Natural products retailers' gross profit margins, down 3 percent from 2010

$62 billion: Walmart's 2010 estimated food and beverage sales, making it the leader of the retailer pack


Source: Natural Food Merchandiser's Market Overview, Packaged Facts


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