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Americans divided on GMOs, organic

5@5: Americans divided on GMOs, organic | Amazon unveils its grocery store of the future

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

The new food fight: U.S. public divides over food science

Fifty-five percent of Americans consider organic produce to be better for health than conventionally grown produce, according to a new Pew survey, and that number jumps among consumers who say they care about GMO issues. However, almost half of Americans say they don't care much or at all about the issue of genetically modified foods. A small group of Americans—6 percent, by Pew's data, and perhaps many core natural products consumers—both care a great deal about GM food issues and say their own eating style is focused on being health and nutritious. Read more at Pew Research Center...


Amazon unveils 'self-driving' brick-and-mortar convenience store

At the new Amazon Go store in Seattle, shoppers open an app and scan their phone when they enter the store, then grab what they want and leave. For now, only Amazon employees participating in the test program can shop at the 1,800-square-foot convenience store, which uses sensors and algorithms to detect when a shopper picks an item off the shelf or puts it back, and move that item to or from his virtual shopping cart. The store stocks ready-to-eat meals and snacks, plus kitchen essentials. Read more at The Seattle Times...


Tyson launches $150M food venture fund in Chicago

The fund, which has already invested in Beyond Meat, will back ag tech companies working to develop new technologies to feed the world, including alternative proteins, reducing food waste and increasing efficiency in the food chain. Read more at Chicago Tribune...


The long-term outlook for coconuts is cloudy

Coconut's popularity has driven up prices and also created a scarcity, especially when combined with the fact that lethal yellowing disease has been killing coconut trees. The disease is found in Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific, where coconuts are produced. Read more at Mother Nature Network...


How a pop-up food share is fighting food insecurity on long island

Community Solidarity runs five weekly food shares to supply food residents of Long Island, where more than 10 percent of the population is food insecure. Read more at Huffington Post...

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