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[email protected]: Big Sugar blamed for toxic red tide | Supreme Court sides with retailers on SNAP case

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Toxic red tide is back in Florida. Is Big Sugar to blame?

A persistent toxic algae known as “red tide” cost Florida $20 million in tourism-related losses. While some argue that the naturally occurring red tide has worsened from climate change and the sugar industry, sugar growers “maintain they’re doing their part to stop the pollution." Read more at Civil Eats …

Supreme Court sides with retailers on SNAP data case

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of retailers in a SNAP data case that would have allowed the public to access information on how taxpayer money is being spent on these companies. Now, press freedom advocates are asking for Congress to both reintroduce and clarify “substantial competitive harm” as a concept so as to further challenge this decision. Read more at New Food Economy …

How Amazon changed Whole Foods

Amazon’s Whole Foods acquisition altered the natural retailer from the corporate level all the way down to the properties of individual stores. The two top changemakers? Amazon’s Prime service and the centralization of company operations. Read more at Forbes …

Exactly what’s in the new ‘meatier’ Beyond Burger and is it healthy?

Beyond Meat’s “now even meatier” Beyond Burger contains more marbling (with plant-based fats, of course) and apple extract to enhance the visual browning of the patty as it cooks. Beyond Meat products are currently offered in over 35,000 outlets, including Target and Whole Foods. Read more at HealthLine …

Shots go on a health kick

They won’t exactly quench your thirst, and they (mostly) don’t taste great, but consumers are buying and guzzling wellness shots more than ever before. Food consultants say that the question is whether or not large amounts of consumers will fit these shots into their daily routines, and that much of that will be based on whether they believe the shots are living up to their health claims. Read more at The Wall Street Journal …

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