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[email protected]: Black farmers sue Monsanto | Cannabis, broccoli share similar gross value

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Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Black farmers sue Monsanto to stop sales of Roundup 

The National Black Farmers Association has filed a lawsuit against Bayer with the aim of stopping the agribusiness giant from selling Roundup once and for all. According to the lawsuit, Black farmers are forced by the agricultural system to spray Roundup on their crops and are therefore at risk of developing cancer. Should the herbicide continue to be sold, the lawsuit states that the product label should have a clear warning regarding its effects on human health. Read more at The Counter


Cannabis, broccoli share similar gross value in Monterey County

In Monterey County, California, broccoli is facing some competition from a crop that only recently became legal to produce there: cannabis. Its value reached over $449.6 million, bringing the gross agricultural outpout in the coastal county to around $4.86 billion. Read more at FarmProgress


Renewal Mill launches equity crowdfunding campaign to raise $1M

Renewal Mill this week launched an equity crowdfunding campaign in an effort to raise $1 million in order to commercialize its second ingredient product, "oat oakara" made from upcycled oat pulp. Equity crowdfunding has been trending this year as companies wish to grow without the pressure to scale that comes from VC backing. Read more at The Spoon


Coconut and palm oil industries at loggerheads over environmental impact

The coconut oil industry is accusing the palm oil industry of funding a study that stated the harmful deforestation and impact on native animal species resulting from coconut oil production outweighs that of palm oil production. Experts say that the production of both crops, and most oils in general, have the potential to be destructive depending upon where and how they are sourced. Read more at Reuters


'Ultra-processed' junk food linked to advance aging

No surprises here: new research has found that industrially processed junk food can accelerate the aging process. Eating three or more servings of ultra-processed food a day can result in shorter strands of DNA and proteins called telomeres, which are a marker of biological aging on a cellular level. Read more at Science Alert

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