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[email protected]: Encore invests in Veggie Noodle Co. | Study finds global potential for fish farming

investment for Veggie Noodles Co.
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Veggie Noodle Co. receives investment

Encore Consumer Capital, which has invested in Ancient Harvest, MyChelle Dermaceuticals and Navitas Organics, among other consumer products brands, has added Texas-based Veggie Noodle Co. to its portfolio. The two-year-old company plans to move into a new facility to ramp up its production capacity for its organic packaged vegetables. Read more at The Packer…


Can we feed the world with farmed fish?

Widespread use of aquaculture on the ocean’s coastal waters could produce 16.5 billion tons of fish per year—more than enough to meet the global demand for seafood, according to researchers who published a new paper in Nature Ecology & Evolution. But that wouldn’t come without challenges. Read more at NPR…


Instacart’s messy love triangle with Whole Foods and Amazon just got a lot more awkward

The announcement that Amazon would acquire Whole Foods has put grocery delivery service Instacart, which has been a partner of Whole Foods since 2014, in a strange spot, as one of its competitors would become one of its biggest customers. Now Instacart is doing some maneuvering of its own by partnering with a Whole Foods competitor, Aldi, which is working to grow its U.S. presence. Read more at Quartz…


How the climate crisis could become a food crisis overnight

A new report from Chatham House details how climate change, and the floods and droughts that are becoming more common, threatens our food networks—not just by wiping out crops but by damaging infrastructure used for transportation. Read more at The Washington Post…


Re-thinking the raids; Indiana excise police backtracking position on CBD oil

CBD oil is back on shelf at Fresh Thyme Grocery stores in the state—one of which was raided in June. A spokeswoman for the State Excise Police said the department will no longer confiscate CBD oil products “unless they clearly violate Indiana law.” Read more at WTHR…

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