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[email protected]: FDA advice on vaping | Fungus threatens peppermint | New fitness trends

Getty Images The Food and Drug Administration has recommended that President Donald Trump ban flavored e-cigarattes,
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

FDA hands Trump new guidance on flavored vaping products

The Food and Drug Administration has recommended that President Donald Trump ban flavored e-cigarettes, according to the federal Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Of course, that decision has political consequences, so it's not clear what he will decide, as he previously said he wants to make everybody happy. Read more at Bloomberg


An ugly fungal disease could spell the end of American peppermint farming

Peppermint might be an invasive plant in your home garden, but for commercial farmers, it's a crop under attack by a deadly fungus. Verticillium wilt can attack a wide variety of crops and once it's in the soil, the field can be permanently damaged. A world without peppermint is difficult to imagine—and researchers are working to prevent that scenario. Read more at The New Food Economy …


Fitness trends for 2020: Stretching labs and bone-density training

As our population ages, more people face problems such as osteoporosis. Even younger people can suffer muscle pains that interrupt their workout plans or even their jobs. And regular exercise programs may not be the fix for either. Enter the new players in fitness: Commercial companies such as OsteoStrong and StretchLab that go beyond the typical strength and flexibility programs. Read more at the Los Angeles Times


This was the decade we knew we were right

At least five times this decade, the world set new records for being the warmest year. Levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached levels unprecedented in human history. And unlike the climate changes of the past, we humans have great responsibility for these changes that are triggering ever-bigger forest fires, hurricanes and droughts. Read more at Scientific American


DishDivvy partners with DoorDash to deliver home-cooked meals

In California and parts of Utah, the online marketplace for home-cooked meals DishDivvy has reached an agreement with DoorDash to have its dinners delivered. The arrangement makes the home-cooked food available to folks who don't have a car or have limited mobility. Read more at

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