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[email protected]: A frozen food resurgence | How food insecurity impacts kids

frozen food aisle
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Not your father's frozen

The TV dinners of yesteryear have given way to modern frozen foods that tout global flavors, gourmet ingredients and clean labels. And shoppers—especially millennials—have taken notice. Nine in 10 consumers purchase packaged frozen meal items to heat up at home, according to recent research from Packaged Facts. What's moving the needle? Innovative forms of frozen vegetables, like veggie tots and riced veggies, plus exotic flavors and even merchandising, retailers say. Read more at Supermarket News...


Kids who suffer hunger in first years lag behind their peers in school

Here's a testament to the importance of healthy food access: A new study published in Child Development suggests that a lack of food security in the first five years of life—the most critical time for a child's development—can hurt his or her performance in school even years later. Researchers found that low-income children who experienced hunger at 9 months old were likely to have lower reading and math scores, and also more likely to be hyperactive and throw tantrums at school. Read more at NPR...


Meet the women leading the future of food

Women like Gigi Lee Chang, cofounder of Plum Organics and managing director of FoodFutureCo, and vegan chef and entrepreneur Miyoko Schinner are helping reshape the future industry. Here, Forbes highlights 10 smart females leading the way to a healthier, more sustainable food future. Read more at Forbes...


Organic Valley realizes $6.3 million profit on $1.1 billion in sales

The organic dairy cooperative celebrated 15 percent grown in membership and 5.8 percent growth in sales last year. Like its conventional counterparts, the company is facing a spell of low milk prices but says the organic market is still strong. Read more at La Crosse Tribune...


Army develops new nutritional bed-time snack bar for basic trainees

The U.S. Army's Research Institute of Environmental Medicine's Military Nutrition Division unveiled a new snack bar boosting calcium and vitamin D—important nutrients for incoming soldiers. When recruits arrive to basic training, many of them have poor vitamin D status, making their bones more vulnerable to fracture, military experts say. The Army will roll out the new snack bar program this year, implementing them at all four basic training locations in 2018. Read more at ArmyTimes...

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