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Wegmans store front Photo credit: Wegmans

5@5: How Wegmans is winning at grocery | Millennials lead the way in organic

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

How Wegmans inspired the most rabid fanbase in the grocery world

The East Coast retail chain, which has 92 locations in the eastern U.S., has such a passionate following that more than 4,000 people reached out to the company last year requesting a store in their neighborhood. Customers say the stores' layout, which feels more like an open-air market comprising a bunch of mini-shops, makes shopping fun, plus they regularly host bands, tastings and culinary demonstrations. Wegmans also did foodservice before foodservice was cool—in the 80s, the chain put millions of dollars into building kitchens and hiring chefs for its stores. Read more at Thrillist...


The millennial face of organic

There are almost 75 million millennials in this country, and this informed, motivated and connected generation is leading the charge toward more natural and organic foods. Millennial-aged parents are the biggest group of organic buyers in the U.S., according to the OTA, and more than 50 percent of organic buyers are millennials. Read more at Organic Report...


To save the planet, give cows better pasture

Livestock production is a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions—some estimates say cattle is responsible for about 15 percent of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. But there's a lot of disparity in cattle emissions in different parts of the world. That's why researchers are working to establish faster-growing, more nutritious grasses in tropical regions. Read more at NPR...


Q&A: John Mackey, Whole Foods

The CEO and cofounder of Whole Foods Market has also co-authored the book Conscious Capitalism, which urges businesses to strive for a higher purpose. Here, he explains the pillars of conscious capitalism and his best advice for entrepreneurs. Read more at Counselor...


Researchers find clues to why diet with olive oil is tied to lower heart disease risk

A traditional Mediterranean diet with added olive oil may help maintain healthy blood flow, a new study suggests. Read more at Reuters...

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