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5@5: A meatless matchup | Organic feminine care startup raises $7M

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Inside the battle to convince America to eat meatless burgers

Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have both developed plant-based burgers that mimic the look, taste and texture of real meat, but they're taking different approaches to getting consumers to try them. Beyond Meat is focused on retail, where its burger is being merchandised by the meat and scooped up by shoppers to make at home. Meanwhile, Impossible Foods is focused on generating buzz, using social media and celebrity chefs to cultivate a following at the foodservice level. Who has the edge? Read more at Quartz...


Organic tampon startup Lola raises $7M series A; adds pads, liners (and investor Lena Dunham)

A few venture capital funds also have stake in the women's health company, which just rolled out new products this month and has plans to expand across new categories. At least for now, Lola is a direct-to-consumer business that sells monthly subscriptions through its website. Read more at Forbes...


U2's Bono just invested in a food-tech startup

Bono and U2 guitarist The Edge have invested in Nuritas, an Irish company using artificial intelligence and DNA analysis to identify health-benefiting molecules that can be used as ingredients in drugs and supplements. Read more at Fortune...


Small farms are just as important as big agriculture in the fight against climate change

There's a key group that has largely been left out of prominent international plans to fight climate change: small family farms. There are some 450 million of them in the world, yet very little of the public financing that's been dedicated to fighting climate change has gone toward efforts in agriculture. Read more at Quartz...


Ukraine strengthens GMO export control to defend producers

A senior agriculture official in Ukraine said the country plans to strengthen checks for genetically modified ingredients. No GM crops are registered to be able to be grown in the country, but officials say genetically modified soybean seeds are being illegally imported into the country. Read more at Business Recorder...

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