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[email protected]: Millennials demand meaning and mission | Even pets are going plant-based

[email protected]: Millennials demand meaning and mission | Even pets are going plant-based

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Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

As millennials demand more meaning, older brands are not aging well

Mass-market brands that appeal mostly to older generations may be putting their longevity at risk. Millennials—the largest generation in history—could by some estimates control $24 trillion of wealth by 2020. A recent survey by Enso’s World Value Index revealed that while some brands by nature appeal to older generations, like pharmaceutical companies, others are underperforming among younger generations because their brands don’t have a mission or meaning. Two-thirds of millennials say that creating change in the world is a goal that they pursue, compared to only 42 percent of baby boomers. Read more at Fast Company…


Even dogs are eating quinoa now

Pet foods are once again following humans’ tastes as even meat-loving brands work interesting plant-based ingredients like quinoa and chickpeas into their products. Experts credit the ingredient obsession to lifestyle trends and a 2007 pet food recall that sickened thousands of pets and put consumers on the offensive. But plant-based pet food may not have the same kind of sustainability benefits as the same kind of foods do for humans, as much of the meat that goes into pet food is animal parts that humans don’t want to eat that would otherwise go to waste. Read more at Bloomberg…


A certified transitional organic  program remains in limbo

The USDA-sanctioned national standard for “transitional organic” is apparently on delay, thanks to some departures at the agency and a threatened lawsuit by an organic group. Read more at Food Processing…


Unilever spreads whets private equity appetite as deadline nears: sources

Sources say private equity bidders have been invited to submit offers for Unilever’s $8 billion margarine and spreads business. The sale is expected to be finalized toward the end of the year. Read more at Reuters…


1,200 NYC public schools are adding a vegan lunch option to their menus

Thanks in part to The Coalition for Healthy School Food, every school in district will offer a vegan hummus option every day and a plethora of additional options on their rotating vegetarian menu. Read more at One Green Planet…

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