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5@5: New fish consumption guidance from FDA | From food waste to hummus

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

FDA issues new seafood advice for moms-to-be. Not everyone is thrilled

The FDA has issued advice to women who are pregnant or may become pregnant on how much seafood they should eat, and what kinds. It categorizes more than 60 species of fish as "best choices," "good choices" or "choices to avoid," based on their mercury levels. But it's drawing some criticism: Some say the recommendations aren't consistent with the agency's own findings about the quantities of certain species pregnant women can eat safely. It also doesn't mention EPA or DHA. Read more at NPR...


Meet the food waste entrepreneur turning unwanted vegetables into hummus

While working in catering, Hannah McCollum was taken aback by how much food waste remained after events. So when she became a chef, she began using leftover vegetables into dips or hummus for the next day. Her next career move was to start a London-based company, ChicP, that incorporates commonly wasted produce into hummus. It's currently running a crowdfunding campaign to grow her operation. Read more at Munchies...


How much does a little bad buzz affect a brand's perception? A lot, it turns out

Just-released ranking of which brands are best perceived by Americans saw Chipotle, Samsung and Wells Fargo, which have all been affected by negative publicity in the last year, drop significantly in their ratings. Read more at AdWeek...


'Speed dating' for farmers and chefs: ISO a perfect local food match

Another event happened in our nation's capital last week that was much, much more low-profile, but still important. It was the Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture's annual event that puts farmers and chefs in the same room, in an effort for them to make connections with each other and, ultimately, put more local food on restaurant tables. Read more at NPR...


Chicagoland's first organic fast food chain set to debut next month

Nic's Organic Fast Food has big ambitions: The owners of the organic drive-thru set to open in suburban Chicago next month hope to open 50 locations in the next three and a half years. And while it's organic food, it isn't necessarily health food—the menu includes a bacon burger and fried chicken sandwich. Read more at Eater...

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