The hummus essential will break out of its dip bowl This year chickpeas will continue to shine in foods ranging from spiced snacks to chips to pasta Garbanzo beans even made an appearance in Neat a delicious nutbased meat substitute Full of fiber folate and protein easytofind versatile chickpeas will form the backbone of glutenfree snacks and meals Pioneers The Good Bean Neat Meat Replacement Banza

5@5: Nutriati gets funding to commercialize chickpea protein ingredient | Whole Foods rumor mill churning

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Richmond-based startup gets $8 million investment to commercialize its protein powder made with chickpeas

A food technology company called Nutriati has developed a process to create a chickpea protein powder than can substitute for eggs, wheat, soy and milk in multiple food applications. Food tech investor Tate & Lyle Ventures and Powerplant Ventures led the funding round led a new $8 million to bring the protein concentrate ingredient and a gluten-free chickpea flour to market, with the help of marketing and distribution firm PLT Health Solutions Inc. Read more at Richmond Times-Dispatch...


Whole Foods rallies on report that Albertsons is mulling bid

Whole Foods is in the headlines again—this time because the Financial Times is reporting that Cerberus Capital Management, which backs the grocery chain Albertsons, has talked with bankers about making a preliminary bid for it. Speculation has surged since investor Jana Partners suggested earlier this month that Whole Foods, which has seen six consecutive quarters of declining same-store sales, consider putting itself up for sale. Read more at Bloomberg Markets...


No vote on hydroponics from USDA organic board

The NOSB's meeting in Denver last week came and went without an official vote on whether produce grown on hydro- and aquaponic systems can be considered organic. Now sources say there probably won't be a vote at all this year. Read more at The Packer...


Can CVS become the Whole Foods of drug store retailing?

Rather than focusing on "sick care," CVS is focusing on "health care" with new initiatives to bring more natural and organic products into the store, and a standards program for vitamins and supplements. "We’re pushing hard into health," says Executive Vice President Helene Foulkes. Read more at Forbes...


Cornell food researcher's errors do not constitute misconduct, university finds

Brian Wansink is a prominent food researcher at Cornell. But he's fallen under criticism for using poor data analysis methods and writing papers with data inconsistencies. After conducting an internal investigation, the university has cleared him of scientific misconduct. Read more at The Cornell Daily Sun...

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