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[email protected]: Oatly eyes Chinese market | Baby fish have begun eating ocean plastic

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

This Swedish company made oat milk cool in the US. Now it’s eyeing China

Swedish oat milk brand Oatly has taken the U.S. by storm in recent years, and now the company is “trucking ahead with an aggressive push into Asia” in spite of product shortages in the U.S. and elsewhere. Oatly helped introduced a new Chinese character for plant-based milk to dispel confusion, as oat milk is a product that many Chinese consumers aren’t familiar with. Read more at CNN …


Baby fish have started eating plastic. We haven’t yet seen the consequences


Baby fish are beginning to consume plastic immediately after hatching, which puts their already-precarious lives at even more of a risk. Long-term effects are yet unknown, but scientists say it's likely that “small changes in the survival of larval fish can translate into large changes in fish populations, with cascading effects up the food chain. Read more at National Geographic …


Why cool vitamin startups like Ritual and Care/of are big on Instagram

There’s an undeniable surplus of “cool” vitamin companies these days that are finding major success with millennials and Gen Xers on platforms such as Instagram. Their ability to capture the market, however, depends largely on aesthetics and the increasingly ambiguous line between self-care and medicine. Read more at Vox …


Del Taco is first Mexican fast-food chain to put Beyond Meat on its menus

Beyond Meat is making a serious bid for quick service restaurant supremacy—by the end of April, Del Taco will offer a plant-based meat option at all of its 580 locations nationwide. The Mexican chain first trialed the Beyond Meat tacos at two Southern California locations last September, and Beyond is already featured at Carl’s Jr and Canadian chain A&W. Read more at The Spoon …


Meet the 45-year-old executive helping Kroger take on Amazon, Walmart and Aldi

Kroger is facing stronger competition now than ever before from companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Aldi and Lidl. Here’s how the soon-to-be chief information officer for the 135-year-old grocery chain plans to use two decades of data on its customers’ shopping behavior to win the battle. Read more at This Is Insider …

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