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[email protected]: Retailers struggle to enforce mask requirements | More COVID-19 aid for the food industry

[email protected]: Retailers struggle to enforce mask requirements | More COVID-19 aid for the food industry

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Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

With wave of mask requirements, Walmart and other retailers face challenge: How to enforce the rules

Several of the biggest retail chains in the U.S. are now requiring shoppers wear masks or face coverings in their stores. Getting them to comply, however, has been a tricky feat thus far and stores have had varying levels of success. This is because at least one retailer, CVS, is relying on customers to obey the new requirement, while others like Walmart will have a designated employee whose job it is to ensure mask-less shoppers don't enter the premises. Read more at CNBC


Congress is negotiating the next round of COVID-19 aid. Here’s what that means for the food industry

The Senate is currently negotiating a fourth round of COVID-19 relief, likely the last round of aid before November. Topics of interest to the food industry include the expansion of SNAP benefits (which 6 million Americans have signed up for since the pandemic began) and an extension of the Payment Protection Program. The latter drew much criticism for supporting large food companies and big-box grocers at the expense of small businesses. Read more at The Counter


Why RTD cocktail sales are soaring

Ready-to-drink cocktails are primed for success in a world where having a drink out at a bar or restaurant is not an option for most people. They're also easier and more accessible than at-home bartending is, with less of a financial and time investment. One expert argues that even consumers who prefer other alcoholic beverages are being driven to the cocktail space because they make everything seem more civilized amid all the chaos. Read more at VinePair


Dumpling launches to make anyone become their own Instacart

The economic and physical risks of working for gig economy companies like DoorDash and Instacart have only become more apparent in the past few months. A new startup in the food delivery space called Dumpling, however, is seeking to remedy this by giving more ownership to its workers. Shoppers using the Dumpling platform can acquire customers through marketing and self-promotion when dropping off orders for other delivery apps, and allows them to set their own tip options. The company's total disclosed venture funding to date is $10 million. Read more at TechCrunch


Cambridge Crops rebrands as Mori; secures $12M series A for food waste technology

Cambridge Crops, now Mori, has raised a $12 million series A to advance its protective barrier technology for food to extend shelf life and, by extension, reduce food waste. The U.S. wastes roughly 40% of the food it produces, and other startups such as Apeel Sciences and Imperfect Foods are also targeting this problem. Read more at Crunchbase

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