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[email protected]: Sucralose and carbs don’t mix well | Toxic food possible | Memphis Meats ready to grow

Getty Images Consuming sucralose with carbs changes the body's metabolism
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Consuming sucralose with carbs changes the body's metabolism

A study just published in Cell Metabolism found that it's not artificial sweeteners alone that can affect blood sugar and insulin levels. In the case of sucralose—Splenda, Zerocal and others—the body's metabolism changes when you consume it with carbohydrates. Researchers also found that the changes have a greater effect in teenagers and, for all of us, could be long-lasting. Read more at


Climate change could make some common foods toxic

We already know that climate change and higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can reduce the nutritional value of food. But now we are learning that it could also make some foods dangerous to eat. We've already seen some Africans suffer irreversible neurological damage because drought has concentrated the hydrogen cyanide in the cassava that is a staple in their diet. Read more at


Memphis Meats is scaling up its lab-grown meat

With its latest round of funding topping $160 million of new investment, Memphis Meats will soon begin construction of a pilot production facility that will allow the company to bring its laboratory-grown chicken to market. Memphis meats grows animal cells in tanks, forming muscle and connective tissue—without the environmental, health and ethical issues surrounding the raising and slaughtering of live animals. Read more at


Technology and nature together can feed the growing population

The current food system clearly can't feed us all efficiently, so it certainly won't work as the population continues to grow. Healthy topsoil is disappearing faster than expected. We can't turn off the food system to fix it, but we need to start an orderly transition to what comes next. Read more at


Rural residents stepping up fight against concentrated animal feeding operations

Residents of Iowa, Arkansas, Minnesota and other states are fighting concentrated animal feeding operations because the facilities are destroying the residents' quality of life as well as the environment. In Maryland, legislators have introduced a bill that would impose a statewide moratorium, and activists are asking for moratoriums in Oregon and Minnesota. Read more at Civil Eats


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