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5@5: Vitamin World flies solo | How an Ayurvedic sports gel company found its footing

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Vitamin World stands on its own since NBTY sale

When it was sold in February 2016 by supplement company NBTY (now Nature's Bounty) to a private equity firm, Vitamin World basically became a new company with a 40-year-old brand. It had to build a team, establish an operational process and find new manufacturers for its private-label products. It closed 50 underperforming stores and laid off 140 people after the separation, but it's actually invigorated the retailer, according to CEO Michael Madden, who says: “I actually thank NBTY every day for letting us go, because now we can be a self-standing entity and actually grow and become a retailer like we are, instead of being an extension of a manufacturer.” Read more at Newsday...


This sports gel built a cult following among extreme athletes

After consulting with a doctor who practiced Ayurvedic medicine, Joel Einhorn used herbal remedies to help him recover from a traumatic bike crash. A few years later, he built a business around his homemade concoctions, which he'd fine-tuned with help from another Ayurvedic doctor and turned into a paste that people can squeeze into their mouths while running, biking or doing other activities. Though he had a slow stream of online sales during the first years, cash from investors including the chairman of Mars Inc., and endorsements from a couple athletes, have helped sales of the product, Hanah One, take off off. Read more at Bloomberg...


Parker: Community Natural Foods focused on wellness for 40 years

Even 40 years after it was founded, and with 300 employees, Canadian retailer Community Natural Foods has held true to its objective from the start: make healthy and natural foods available to everyone. Read more at Calgary Herald...


Why Gwenyth Paltrow and Serena Williams have invested in a frozen food startup

Daily Harvest, launched last year, sells frozen, single-serving organic smoothies, overnight oats and chia puddings shipped to consumers' homes. And it now has two celebrity investors in its Series A funding round—Oscar winning actress Gwenyth Paltrow and tennis champion Serena Williams—as well as backing from venture capital firms WME Ventures, Collaborative Fund, 14W and Rubicon Venture Capital. Read more at Fortune...


Man diets at gas stations, proves healthy food is everywhere

Frank Beard is traveling across the country sharing how he lost 80 pounds eating at gas stations, some of which have recently made efforts to bring in healthier, fresher offerings. Read more at KCRG...

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