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[email protected]: West Coast fishermen sue big oil | Amazon bans deadly paint strippers, EPA wavers

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

West Coast fishermen are suing oil companies for climate change damages

Fishermen on the West Coast have been asked to postpone the start of the commercial Dungeness crab season because of the crabs' high levels of a neurotoxin called domoic acid. The neurotoxin’s presence in these lucrative crabs are likely due to warming ocean waters, and a large coalition of commercial fishermen are subsequently suing over a dozen oil companies for having “knowingly peddled a product that threatens ocean life and the people whose economic fortunes depend on it.”  Read more at The LA Times ...


Amazon banned two deadly paint strippers while the US government dithers


The U.S. EPA has delayed banning two commonly used paint stripping chemicals—products typically sold under the names “Goof Off,” “Klean Strip,” and “Jasco”—while retailers such as Amazon are pulling the products for their negative effects on the human nervous system. The scourge of deaths and illnesses resulting from the use of either chemical have prompted some advocacy groups to sue the federal agency for its inaction. Read more at Quartz  …


A new food system at the intersection of purpose and profit

An emerging food system aims to transform the industry for the betterment of our and the planet’s health. In this article, co-leader of Food System 6 Renske Lynde speaks on why an integrated approach to environmental, physical and social health is necessary, and how businesses can (and are) leading the way through investments and proactive internal changes. Read more at Forbes 


The AI that knows exactly what you want to eat

The AI app Gastrograph works by allowing consumers of all different races and ages to sample foods, and then analyzing the input of their collective impressions to make a comprehensive flavor profile. The app could hypothetically be used to predict people’s subconscious gastronomic preferences in the near future, which presents a tasty–if a little creepy–vision of how we’ll formulate and eat food products in the future. Read more at The Atlantic …


Dollar General focuses on food as it eyes expansion

Dollar General is planning on expanding its fresh food choices to boost revenue and traffic as more stores open in rural and metro areas where food deserts remain prevalent. The company also plans to open around 10 locations that “Are about half the size of a traditional Dollar General store and have a product that is ‘tailored to vertical living customers.’” Read more at The Wall Street Journal …

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