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5@5: White House takes steps to address soil sustainability | Will gac fruit find traction in the U.S. market?

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

The Obama administration announces new steps to advance soil sustainability

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has released a federal framework for soil science developed with a dozen other agencies and with input from academia and industry. The framework is intended to inform the future development of a comprehensive federal strategic plan for soil science and pinpoints five priorities for supporting and expanding research in soil sciences. A number of agencies have also committed to expanding their research and conservation initiatives. Read more at


This juice company uses the superfood you've never heard about

X.O.I Company was founded to help Vietnamese farmers earn a living wage by bringing one of their signature crops, gac fruit, to the U.S. market. The spiky red fruit, which the company turns into juice, is rich in lycopene and beta-carotene. Read more at Boston Magazine...


Could underwater farming feed the world?

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs are pioneering 3D ocean farming—what they see as the antidote to resource-intensive conventional agriculture. Read more at Popular Science...


Anti-aging pill startup Elysium Health inks at least $20 million in Series B funding

Upon completion of its first clinical trial, supplement company Elysium Health—which was formed by a former Sequoia Capital partner and a former J.P. Morgan executive—has raised a new round of funding. Its first product, Basis, aims to boost levels of NAD+, a protein thought to prevent aging-related decay in cells' mitochondria. It does that using the polyphenol pterostilbene and vitamin B3 nicotinamide riboside. Read more at Tech Crunch...


This Kansas farmer fought a government program to keep his farm sustainable

With federal subsidies and various other factors working against them, a crew of farmers across the country is leading a movement toward regenerative farming. Read more at Ensia...


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