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Wersquore tired of hearing about animal abuse in factory farms So are natural consumers Thatrsquos why we expect the future to proliferate with innovation in the alternative animal product space Brands like Hampton Creek Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are already saturating the marketmdashand wooing dedicated meat eaters Clara Foods and Modern Meadows are attempting to perfect egg and meat production in vitromdashmeaning real animal products but without the hen or cow

5@5: Why investors are betting on food tech | Ex-Whole Foods managers file lawsuit over bonuses

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

How fake food is finding real money--and lots of it

Growing meat in labs. Replacing meals with drinks. Why are investors pouring money into food tech ventures? They're betting on consumer demand for foods that are convenient, safe and better for the environment, according to Steve Blank, who says that "as long as they believe that there are a large number of customers who want the product - and ultimately larger food companies who will acquire these startups," investors will continue putting money into them. Read more at Inc...


Lawsuit: Whole Foods managers were fired for whistleblowing

Nine former managers of Whole Foods Market locations on the East Coast filed a class-action lawsuit against the retailer, saying they were fired for calling out its practice of not paying bonuses earned by staff. The retailer, however, says the managers were dismissed after an investigation determined they were wrongly benefiting from a profit-sharing program at the expense of store employees. Read more at SF Gate...


Minnesota leads way on banning anti-germ ingredient in soap

The state banned triclosan back in 2014--two years ahead of the FDA's decision to ban it from anti-bacterial soaps. The federal ban doesn't go into effect until September 2017, but many manufacturers have already phased out the chemical. Read more at StarTribune...


Meal-kit mania, unpacked

Investors are hot on meal kits, but what about farmers? For some farmers, they're providing a new way to move their goods. But others find selling to meal kit companies less profitable than selling direct-to-consumer, and they miss the consumer touchpoint. Read more at Modern Farmer...


Hot skin-care ingredient: Charcoal

Natural beauty brands have long been incorporating this ingredient, but now it's going mainstream. Clinique has added a charcoal face wash to its men's skin care line, and it's even popping up on menus. Read more at The Seattle Times...


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