The “Actifs Innovants” Division of Berkem, purchased by Naturex at the beginning of the year becomes the NAT’ Life Division

12 May 2008, Libourne - FRANCE – The “Actifs Innovants” Division of Naturex – previously a division of Berkem – has developed its strategy and becomes NAT’ Life. Recently purchased by Naturex at the beginning of 2008, NAT’ Life brings to its customers a line of innovative trademarked plant extracts that are backed up by a special scientific, regulatory and technical support, together with the commitment to bring solutions
- To improve our quality of life
- For a healthy and serene life.

NAT’ Life benefits today from the exceptional worldwide sales force of Naturex, added to its strong production potency, 5 production sites on 3 different continents. The NAT’ Life team thus focuses on its particular expertise: to develop and market health ingredients with specific activities, lifestyle programs, contributing to the improvement of our modern lifestyle.

The scientific approach is one of the major factors in the success of NAT’ Life’s ingredients:
- In depth bibliographic researches on the raw material and its active compounds precede every development;
- development and precise technical characterization of the extract (e.g. identification of active compounds, research of the best ratio between them);
- each active ingredient benefits of one or several clinical studies to prove its efficacy;
- complementary in vitro, in vivo or clinical studies to explain the ingredients’ bioavailability, mechanism of action, and/or safety.
Besides this important scientific support, the NAT’ Life team proposes full concepts with:
- projects development assistance;
- regulation support by constituting European regulatory files for each ingredient;
- marketing, valuable clear and simple sources of information for the clients and their customers (e.g. technical file, web sites with dedicated space for final products presentation);

Following the already well-known Svetol® for weight management, Cyracos® to relax and Powergrape® for performance and cellular vitality, NAT’Life introduced Lifenol® at Vitafoods 2008. Lifenol®, resulting from the latest development between NAT’ Life and Naturex, is a patented female hop cone extract studied for its action on menopause associated discomforts, especially hot flushes.

More information, please contact:
NAT’Life Division
+33 (0)557.55.31.58
[email protected]

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