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ARTINIA Chitin-glucan Passes Toxicology Test

Stratum Nutrition has announced that the safety and toxicology report on their novel fiber, ARTINIA(TM), a branded chitin-glucan ingredient, has been published online in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology. The lead author of the study was Dr. Diana Jonker (TNO Quality of Life, The Netherlands), who collaborated with Drs. Véronique Maquet and Sandrine Gautier of KitoZyme (Herstal, Belgium), the commercialization partner of Stratum Nutrition. Previous research has shown that ARTINIA has beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, including the reduction of arterial plaque formation in hamsters fed an atherogenic diet.

This new study, entitled Subchronic (13-week) oral toxicity study in rats with fungal chitin-glucan from Aspergillus niger, was conducted to assess the safety and toxicity of chitin-glucan (ARTINIA brand) to support its use in humans as a dietary supplement and food ingredient.

Chitin-glucan was fed to healthy Wistar rats at dietary levels of 0, 1, 5 and 10% for 13 weeks. Clinical and neurobehavioral observations, growth, feed and water consumption, ophthalmoscopy, hematology, clinical chemistry, urinalysis, organ weights, necropsy and histopathological examination revealed no adverse effects of chitin- glucan. ARTINIA is an insoluble biopolymer, composed of chitin and beta-(1,3)-d-glucan, that is a component of the fungal cell wall. In conclusion, feeding chitin-glucan at dietary levels up to 10% for 13 weeks was tolerated without any signs of toxicity. The complete abstract and results can be found online at:

More information on ARTINIA and other ingredients from Stratum Nutrition is available online at

About Stratum Nutrition

Stratum Nutrition is improving the quality of life through food and supplement innovation. Stratum Nutrition, a Novus International Business, focuses on human nutrition through functional and specialty ingredients for manufacturers and marketers of foods, beverages and dietary supplements. Stratum leverages the Novus core competencies in nutritional research and innovation as well as the corporate commitment to protecting the environment by considering economic, environmental and social factors to ensure that its ingredients offer safe, efficient and sustainable health solutions. Stratum offers a portfolio of branded, value-added ingredients that are progressive, safe and reliable. These ingredients are based on consumer need, supported by science and the backing of a trusted multi-national company. To learn more about Stratum Nutrition, please visit

or contact [email protected]

About KitoZyme

Created toward the end of 2000, following 8 years of rigorous research at the University of Liège in Belgium, KitoZyme manufactures specialty ingredients dedicated to four strategic markets:

nutraceuticals, cosmetics, beverage, pharmaceuticals and medical.

KitoZyme's unique patented technology enables industrial scale production of high-purity chitin-glucan and chitosan exclusively from renewable, safe, traceable and non-animal sources. To learn more about KitoZyme, please visit or contact Dr. Sandrine Gautier at [email protected]

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