Astavita and USA Triathlon Sign Sponsorship Agreement

Astavita Sponsors USAT’s Long Course Elite Team and Coaching Program

Mount Laurel, January 2, 2007 – Astavita announced today that they have signed a 2 year sponsorship agreement with USA Triathlon. USA Triathlon is the National Governing Body for Triathlon, Duathlon and the Multi-Sport Lifestyle, and a member of the Olympic Organization. Astavita’s role with USAT will not only be in providing financial support to the Long Course Elite Team and the Coaching Program, but also in supplying their signature product, Astavita Astaxanthin to their athletes. USAT’s approval of their product and signing of the agreement has earned Astavita the title, “Exclusive Supplier of USAT”.

“Astavita is extremely excited to be working with USA Triathlon, their coaches, teams and members. Considering USAT’s presence in this industry, we feel that it is an honor and a terrific opportunity to be designated as their exclusive supplier with our researched and patented nutritional support for muscle recovery and physical endurance. As we are witnessing the tremendous growth in the sport of triathlon, we look forward to a long and successful partnership with USAT”, commented Charles DePrince, President of Astavita.

Astavita astaxanthin is an all-natural carotenoid pigment which is harvested from the microalgae known as Haematococcus pluvialis. Astaxanthin can be found all over the world: from tropical lakes to artic snowfields. Astavita, the world’s largest producer of astaxanthin, manufactures this powerful antioxidant supplement in a state of the art and patented BioDome system on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. This patented process protects the algae from environmental pollutants, assuring absolute purity, and also provides for a climate-controlled system that regulates light, temperature and water to get the highest and most consistent astaxanthin yield possible.

For sports nutrition, Astavita Astaxanthin shows great promise for improving endurance and reducing muscle damage, particularly in very physically demanding sports. Astavita’s parent company, Fuji Chemical Industry Co., a Japanese based pharmaceutical company in Toyama, Japan, has done extensive research on the effectiveness of astaxanthin with endurance athletes. The results suggest that many types of athletes may expect to enhance their competitive level and state of readiness. In support of their claims, Astavita holds a patent for increased physical endurance and reduced muscle damage.

“We are very excited to be entering into an agreement with Astavita”, said Tim Yount, Senior Vice President of USAT. “In today’s world of athletic competition, every edge an athlete has is one step closer to that person landing a podium finish. In addition, the proven effects of the product will be welcomed by our top athletes as a way to guard against the effect of excessive free radicals. We see this as a true win-win and are excited for more of our athletes to use this product as they train and race across the world’s landscape.”

For more information contact Astavita at 1-800-507-4011 or [email protected]

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