Avesthagen Debuts Industry First: Certified Organic AmlaPure(TM)

Amla, India’s 3,500-year-old superfruit, is a powerhouse
of antioxidant protection for American consumers

CHATSWORTH, CA – The newest product to claim “superfruit” status is one of the world’s most revered rejuvenatives and is now available as an organically grown and processed, fresh fruit powdered extract. Avesthagen, a leading supplier of Ayurvedic extracts, has launched AmlaPure™, a certified organic amla fruit extract for dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages, and nutri-cosmetics.

Amla, also known commonly as Indian gooseberry, is steeped in three and a half millennia of traditional use and is the subject of hundreds of studies elucidating specific antioxidant protective benefits. Amla has a naturally diverse range of consumer use. “For centuries, Amla has been respected for its healing properties and is a traditional Ayurvedic rejuvenator, powerful adaptogen and detoxifier,” describes Alex Moffett, CEO of Avesthagen, Inc. “The fruits are widely used in India in herbal jams, syrups, jellies, candied confections, pickled preserves, relishes, and tomato sauce,” he adds.

Unlike traditional amla extracts made from dried fruit, AmlaPure™ is made from fresh organically grown fruit and is naturally rich in tannins, gallotannins, polyphenols and other powerful bioactives that help to protect against damage from oxidative stress. AmlaPure has a superior ORAC value and is standardized to 2% natural Vitamin C.
Numerous studies looked at stress-induced oxidative damage in animal models and found that administration of amla clearly provided significant protection against a variety of oxidative assaults, as well as inhibition of lipid peroxidation in cases of hypercholesterolemia. Other studies have shown it acts as an anti-mutagenic and is protective in hepatotoxicity from drugs, heavy metals and alcohol, making amla a versatile antioxidant.

In addition, AmlaPure™ has attractive nutri-cosmetic applications. Traditionally, Indian women mix the finely powdered dried fruit with hot water to form a paste that is applied as a facial mask for tightening and toning the skin and brightening the complexion. A recent study demonstrated that amla’s gallic acids were shown to dose-dependently inhibit the in vitro biosynthesis of melanocytes, an effect strongly associated with its antioxidant activity. Further, in vitro studies showed amla’s ability to inhibit enzymes that degrade the extracelullar matrix of the skin.
Besides being certified organic, AmlaPure™ is further distinguished in that it is quantified using the proprietary advanced technology MetaGrid™. “Utilizing our breakthrough MetaGrid™ technology to ensure the highest degree of quality and reproducibility, AmlaPure meets the highest purity standards and is gently processed without the use of harsh solvents,” describes Moffett. In addition to AmlaPure, Avesthagen also offers Amla in a more traditional extract composition made from dried fruit and standardized to a 45% tannin content.”

For more information about AmlaPure™ and MetaGrid™ please contact Avesthagen, Inc. at
(800) 550-8446.

About MetaGrid™
MetaGrid™ is the result of many years of work aimed at improving the final profile of multi-ingredient products batch-to-batch and product-to-product. MetaGrid’s basis is the development and optimization of novel algorithms that searches for all retention times within the tolerance range provided by the user that accommodates for possible variations in retention time of similar/identical constituents across multiple runs of the same extract, or multiple runs of different extracts that contain the same constituents.

About Avesthagen Limited
Avesthagen is India’s leading integrated systems biology platform company that focuses on achieving convergence of food, pharma and population genetics leading to predictive, preventive personalized healthcare. Avesthagen provides innovative solutions for global health challenges in the areas of degenerative conditions, metabolic disorders and infectious diseases. Founded in 1998, Avesthagen employs more than 600 people worldwide and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. It has branches and subsidiaries in the US, UK and Germany.

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