Bioforce AG Recognizes Executive Service of Bioforce USA Executives

GHENT, NY – Bioforce AG, headquartered in Roggwil, Switzerland, has formally recognized the outstanding service of its United States executive team Bioforce USA.

Bioforce AG’s president and CEO, Robert Baldinger, presented artisan-crafted silver pins shaped in a fully bloomed Echinacea flower to Eileen Sheets for her 12 years of service as managing director, to Rich Manziello for his 18 years of service as national sales manager, and to Bob Sheets for his 13 years of service as Operations Manager. The pins were crafted by Koninklifke Begeer in Holland known for its superior quality and luxury.

“Today, in many companies, there’s so much turnover and scant loyalty,” says Eileen Sheets, managing director. “Bioforce AG in Switzerland continues to encourage and reward its employees at every level, and in every country that distributes and markets its products. This is a company that believes in continuity and nurturing its greatest resource – its employees. Many employees who begin their careers at Bioforce retire from Bioforce – they are loyal because they are treated with warmth and respect. The company has always believed in training and retaining good people. This is an old-world tradition that has gone by the wayside. Many in the R&D department actually worked with Alfred Vogel himself and are in a great position to carry on his legacy of respect for fellow humans and nature. ”

Sheets adds that most Bioforce employees throughout the world have been hosted by Bioforce AG in Switzerland to tour the facilities to witness and learn about the botanical production from field to bottle, including laboratory analyses and scientific research processes. “Those employees representing Bioforce in the various countries have a unified message and can represent the company as a quality oriented, ethical, environmentally proactive manufacturer with a small carbon footstep. The result is that consumers worldwide can place full trust and confidence in the various botanical supplements provided by Bioforce.”

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