Bioforce USA Appoints Director of Retail Sales And In-House Sales Representative

In a move that demonstrates its continued commitment to company growth, Bioforce USA has announced the appointment of Chuck Sackler to the newly created position of Director of Retail Sales. Sackler is a proven industry leader and devotee, with previous positions including Vice President of Sales for Twinlab, General Manager and CEO of NuLife Vitamins, and also a co-founder of Arizona Nutritional Sciences. Pierce Sioussat, president of Bioforce USA, has also announced the appointment of Jody Kittle as in-house sales representative.

“Chuck adds significant depth and experience to our current leadership team,” says Pierce Sioussat, President of Bioforce USA. “We believe he will have an immediate impact on our ability to support our retail customers while helping us achieve our growth objectives. Chuck is a highly regarded industry veteran who managed sales for what was at one time the most successful distributor based brand in the US. This makes Chuck uniquely qualified to help us as we continue to be committed to the same distribution model.”

Sackler, who earned his Juris Doctor at the New England School of Law, also served as Treasurer for NPA eastern region. He has participated in hundreds of media shows as well as lectures on behalf of clients.

“I have enjoyed working with industry leaders for more than 15 years and have always admired the leadership team of Bioforce USA, and the company’s clear, consistent mission, which it has followed unwaveringly since its inception,” Sackler says. “I highly respect the manner in which Bioforce USA has cultivated and sustained its relationships with all its retailers and how truly devoted the team is to its retailer network. I look forward to growing and enhancing our programs to continue to fulfill retailers’ ever-changing needs to achieve and sustain their success in their markets.”

Kittle’s first industry position was for Bioforce of America. As he explains, “Most people say if they had a chance to do it all over they would have done it differently. Well I’m getting that chance with Bioforce USA. I started my industry tenure with Bioforce approximately 14 years ago. I then started my own Brokerage/Marketing company working for companies like Herb Pharm, Mega Food, Renew Life, Flora and Pure Essence among others. With that experience I now have an opportunity to help the company that gave me my start in this industry. I look forward to helping Bioforce USA to grow to be a pillar in the industry, where it rightfully belongs.”

Says Sioussat, “Jody has a dynamic and enthusiastic personality that leaves a positive impact, which is so important today for retailers. Building trust from the start is the hallmark of Jody’s success, and he fits in perfectly with the growing Bioforce USA family.”

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