Biorginal launches BioPure Krill oil at SupplySide

Biorginal launches BioPure Krill oil at SupplySide

The essential fatty acid supplier's new krill oil combines omega-3s, phospholipids and the astaxanthin.

Bioriginal Food & Science Corp., a complete essential fatty acid (EFA) solutions provider, will be showcasing its new BioPure Krill™ oil at this year’s SupplySide West (Las Vegas, October 10-14; booth 21110). BioPure Krill™ is a natural, premium krill oil, providing an optimal combination of Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids and the natural antioxidant Astaxanthin.

Currently, krill oil is currently one of the most exciting sub-sectors of the omega-3 category and is poised for continued market growth.  Packaged Facts estimates krill oil will account for 15-20% of the omega-3 market within the next five years. This growth can be largely attributed to krill oil’s unique phospholipid EPA/DHA structure and the ever-increasing body of scientific studies supporting its many health-boosting properties.

BioPure Krill™ provides a significant source of unique phospholipids, rich in the naturally occurring antioxidant Astaxanthin as well as the essential omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. This makes BioPure Krill™ a unique omega-3 fatty acid source, compared to conventional sources, as most of the EPA and DHA in krill oil exist in the phospholipid form.  This unique physical characteristic makes BioPure Krill™ oil more bioavailable than other omega-3 sources.

Through full control of the value chain, from harvesting of the krill, fresh processing of raw materials, logistics, final processing, quality control and research & development, Bioriginal is able to guarantee a sustainable, 100% traceable, krill oil of the highest quality and purity from source to shelf.

To learn more about BioPure Krill™, plan to attend Bioriginal’s SupplySide West VendorWorks Seminar:  Health Function & Application of Krill Oil.  At the seminar Bioriginal will be premiering new clinical research demonstrating another beneficial effect of krill oil on human health.  Gain insights into this exciting new research and learn more about BioPure Krill™ Oil’s features and benefits.

As a leading complete EFA solutions provider, Bioriginal offers a global supply of EFA oils in a wide range of delivery formats that can be custom-made to specification.  Experts from the company will be on stand at SupplySide West to discuss Bioriginal’s innovative EFA products.

About Bioriginal Food & Science Corp.

Bioriginal Food and Science is the world’s leading provider of innovative essential fatty acid (EFA) solutions. The company’s products are used around the world in the nutraceutical and functional food sectors, among others. Bioriginal supplies the highest quality essential fatty acid ingredients in a variety of formats, such as oils, softgels and powders, and can custom-formulate EFA blends to individual specification. With a distribution network spanning six continents, Bioriginal has facilities in Canada, the United States, Europe and China.


For further information please contact: Bioriginal Food & Science Corp., 102 Melville Street, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7J 0R1, Canada. Tel: (306) 975 1166

Fax: (306) 242 3829 Email: [email protected]or visit:

[1] Packaged Facts, “Omega-3: Global Product Trends and Opportunities” (2011)

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