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Brandless restructures, plans to open crowdfunding project

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The community-driven, direct-to-consumer company offering an assortment of high-quality and responsibly sourced products at a fair price is taking orders once again after shutting down in February 2020.

With an improved capital structure, new leadership and responsible pricing models, Brandless will continue to offer its core better-for-you everyday essentials.

"Brandless is back and our fundamental belief that quality and fair pricing doesn't have to live in separate worlds, still stands true. We also understand we need to get back to our roots, put our community first and go back to the basics by holding onto the core products that people know and love," said Ryan Treft, CEO of Brandless.

Brandless is reimagining what it means to be a brand in today's world by its Just What Matters philosophy. According to Chief Merchandising Officer Sonia Eschanauer, "Our Just What Matters philosophy means we prioritize offering products that match people's values, preferences, and requirements—whether it be organic, non-toxic or cruelty-free."

Later this month, Brandless will also be opening a SeedInvest crowdfunding project, "We have put a lot of thought and consideration into this option, and this is just one way to go back to our Brandless community. We understand it takes people to create a strong business and we can't create the brand we envision without our community involved," said Treft.

Brandless plans to introduce line extensions over the next 12 months and is seeking to have more products available on Amazon and at select brick and mortar retailers around the nation.

Source: Brandless

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