Burry(R) Foods to Distrubute NXT's Susta, Smoothies Lines

NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc. ("NXT Nutritionals") (OTCBB: NXTH.OB) developer and marketer of SUSTA(TM) Natural Sweetener, the great tasting, all-natural, healthier sweetener, today announced that it has expanded distribution of its SUSTA(TM) Natural Sweetener and Healthy Dairy(R) Yogurt Smoothies nationally through Burry(R) Foods, a leading national manufacturer and distributor of frozen and dry products for foodservice, hotels, C-store, vending and in-store bakery markets.

"We continue to expand our footprint on a national level and our relationship with Burry Foods allows us to introduce our great-tasting products to many more foodservice and hospitality chains," said Michael McCarthy, president and CEO of NXT Nutritionals. "This is a great opportunity for us and we look forward to building our brand in these additional markets."

SUSTA is targeted to those individuals for whom refined sugar is not an option, including diabetics, those on weight loss programs and the huge demographic of health conscious consumers driving the demand for organic and all-natural foods. SUSTA is all-natural, has minimal calories, and tastes great. Not only does SUSTA sweeten the taste of food without all of the side effects of high consumption of sugar or chemicals, it also contains healthy probiotics, vitamins C, B6 and B12 and essential minerals and that helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, aids digestion as well as supports the immune system.

"We are thrilled to be introducing SUSTA and Healthy Dairy to our clients," said Tony Hyler, Burry Foods Chief Executive Officer. "This alliance is a great opportunity to meet our foodservice customers' needs with cutting-edge new products that taste great and are better for you!"

SUSTA is currently being sold as a stand-alone sweetener in a 50-packet box and is in NXT Nutritionals' Healthy Dairy(R) Yogurt Smoothies. In addition, the Company recently announced the launch of its baking version of the sweetener, SUSTA Bowl.

"SUSTA is great to sweeten your cereal, iced tea, coffee, tea and anything else you would generally sweeten or bake and our Healthy Dairy smoothies are a delicious single-serve healthy alternative to a snack or breakfast," added McCarthy.

Quality Bakeries, LLC dba Burry(R) Foods, Saint Charles, IL, is the exclusive Thomas', Boboli & Entenmann's frozen foodservice supplier. The power of these leading brands combined with the great Burry product line has built one of the INC. Magazine fastest growing private companies in America in 2008 and 2009. Burry distributes to over 3,500 distributors/customers including restaurant and hospitality chains such as Starbucks(R), Subway(R), Marriott(R) Hotels, and Hilton(R) Hotels. For more information, visit: http://burryfoods.com.

About NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc.

Headquartered in Holyoke, MA, NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary NXT Nutritionals, Inc., is a developer and marketer of a proprietary, patent-pending, all--natural, healthy sweetener sold under the brand name SUSTA(TM) and other food and beverage products. SUSTA(TM) Natural Sweetener, sold as a stand-alone product and the common ingredient for all of the Company's products, is an all natural, healthy sweetener that has minimal calories and low glycemic index. NXT Nutritionals has also developed a line of SUSTA(TM)-enhanced best-in-class, non-fat reduced-calorie yogurt smoothies that are marketed as Healthy Dairy(R) Yogurt Smoothies.

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