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Healthy Eating's Still on Minds of Parents
Parents want to prepare healthy meals for their children, but time pressures often get in the way, reports a new study from the Food Marketing Institute and Prevention magazine.

Nearly three-quarters of households with children—and 63 percent of households without children—admit that their diets could be healthier. Respondents complained that they are too busy to eat healthily; healthy fast foods are hard to find; healthy foods cost too much; and they're confused by various products' health claims.

Though most parents agree that sack lunches are a healthier option, almost half the children in two-parent households and nearly two-thirds of those in single-parent households eat cafeteria food nearly every day.

Gardenburger Execs Bid to Go Private
Gardenburger Inc. could once again be a privately held company if a management group led by Chief Executive Scott Wallace is successful.

Pattico Inc., formed by Wallace and other managers at the Portland, Ore., vegetarian food company, offered $4.5 million for the company, an 11 percent premium over its trading price of 45 cents a share. The proposed deal was announced Aug. 19 and is subject to Pattico finding financing.

Gardenburger sales fell to $51 million in 2001, from a peak of $100 million in 1998. Its shares were delisted from the Nasdaq Stock Market in 2001.

EAS to Refocus On Nutrition Channel
Golden, Colo.-based EAS ousted its chief executive in July and announced it would once again focus its marketing efforts on the serious athletes whose loyalty built the brand.

Under former CEO David Lumley's watch, the supplements firm introduced the AdvantEdge line sold in mass-market chains. Last year, the bars alone generated $130 million for privately held EAS, according to Nutrition Business Journal.

Lumley told The Denver Post that his goal had been to "continue pushing into the places people really shop."

However, new CEO Monty Sharma, who had been chief operating officer, said nutrition store owners told him they would not stock AdvantEdge products because their cheaper formulations undercut sales of the company's Myoplex Precision Nutrition Formula and its other premium products.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXIV/number 10/p. 16

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