Cactus Botanics introduces Myricetin extracted from Bayberry Bark

Myricetin is a flavonoid that is commonly found in natural food sources such as berries, vegetables, teas, wine and herbs. Myricetin is considered to be an antioxidant, which means that it is capable of eliminating free radicals within the body. It is usually taken from the bark, leaves, and roots of the plant known as myrica cerifera, and is completely water soluble, which means it makes an excellent source for teas.

Cactus Botanics introduces Myricetin 80%, tested by HPLC, to its valuable customers. All the batches Cactus Botanics delivers to its customers are quality controlled by its in-house lab. Meanwhile, in order to assure the quality, if requested, Cactus Botanics will be pleased to deliver preshipment samples for its customers' approval.

For more information about this product, please visit or contact at [email protected]

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