Capricon Venture Partners Invests in Fluxome

Dr. Claude J. Stoufs is the Senior Investment Manager at Capricorn Venture Partners and is responsible for the investment in Fluxome. “Capricorn considers Fluxome to be an interesting investment opportunity due to its unique profile and potential. We focus on the wide range of companies within cleantech, energy efficiency, renewable energy, greenhouse gas reduction technologies and low to zero emission technologies. Fluxome lies in the cross-section of these domains somewhere between green chemistry and white biotech. In our books, an investment in Fluxome is an investment in a green and clean technology that will have a major impact for the future”.

Fluxome is a global supplier of safe and natural ingredients manufactured by fermentation, using a renewable source as raw material. During fermentation, the microorganism is fed with sugar to produce nutraceutical ingredients. This process is often recognized as being more environmentally friendly and offers a quality-competitive alternative to traditional manufacturing processes, such as extraction from plant material or chemical synthesis.

Several case studies have confirmed that production of ingredients by fermentation can reduce the use of process water and energy by 50%; or in some cases even up to 80% less energy than the conventional chemical processes. Changing to new technology will result in fewer production steps which lead to higher efficiency and less waste. In some cases, waste reduction has reached 65%. Clean production under mild conditions has also cut the use of solvents to 50% or more. Fermentation implies increased use of renewable resources, such as starches and sugars, and stays clear from traditional fossil-based process. Shifting from a chemical to a fermentation process can reduce the use of fossil-based resources by up to 75-80%. As an effect, the CO2 emissions are substantially reduced with the help from fermentation processes.

One of our investors is Capricorn Venture Partners, a pan-European manager of venture capital funds investing in innovative European companies with technology as the competitive advantage. With its activities within cleantech, life sciences and industrial biotechnology, Fluxome makes a perfect match for Capricorn.

Fluxome is looking into possibilities to conduct a life cycle assessment for Fluxome® Resveratrol in the future.

For more information, please contact CEO Steen Andersen ([email protected]).

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