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Captek Softgel boosts production capacity

Captek Softgel boosts production capacity
Equity partners also spend over $2 million in capital improvements.

Captek Softgel International Inc. (CSI), a leading formulatorand manufacturer of customized nutritional supplements, has announced they have increased their softgel production capacity significantly by successfully implementing a 24/7 production schedule. After gaining employee approval by majority vote, the production shifts were adjusted to support continuous manufacturing.  

Dave Wood, Captek’s chief executive officer said, “We are pleased with our employees’ decision to join us in these changes that will support additional capacity up to 40 percent and allow Captek to grow our business. I personally appreciate their assistance in making this a reality for our organization as California labor codes require employee approval by election. It was definitely a team effort.”

In addition to the increased production hours, both quality assistance (QA) and quality control (QC) departments have grown to support additional product output. QA has expanded its manpower for in-process checks and finished product inspections. QC has expanded to extended weekday and weekend coverage supporting the manufacturing efforts through separate functional groups including testing and technical support covering analytical, wet chemistry, microbiology and method development/optimization/verification laboratories.   

According to Wood, the additional capacity is another example of Captek’s new ownership commitment towards heavy investment into its growth and business success. 

“Since acquiring Captek in March 2011, the equity partners have spent over $2 million in capital improvements, including the addition of brand new encapsulation lines with enhanced process control technology, $400,000 in facility upgrades, a new ERP system, the creation of and hiring for new management positions, and contributions to working capital,” notes Wood. 


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