Carbohydrate product claims discussed

Carbohydrate product claims discussed

Canada's Globa and Mail newspaper ran a story this past week about the issue of carbohydrate claims on food products in Canada. According to the (article), Health Canada is set to launch a series of rules, which among other things, will prevent the use of "carbohydrate-reduced", "low in carbohydrates," or the use of any phrase that states or implies a health benefit related to carbohydrate levels.

There is some discussion that perhaps a definition and approved use of the term 'net carbs' may be developed, but the program, as described by Health Canada's Margaret Cheney, is intended to let the nutritional labeling stand alone as an educational vehicle for consumers. According to the article, Cheney admitted Health Canada has "been rather hit" by the explosion of interest in low carbohydrate products.

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