Carlson Laboratories Comments on Landmark Vitamin E Study

Arlington Heights, IL ---October 2007--- A landmark vitamin E study using Carlson Laboratories E-Gems will hopefully change the way researchers study vitamin E in future clinical trials. Researchers, who published their findings in Free Radical Biology and Medicine noted that past studies designed to measure vitamin E’s efficacy in reducing cardiovascular disease may have been fatally flawed.

They point out that for decades vitamin E studies have been conducted without measuring oxidative stress. This would be similar to testing a statin drug’s effectiveness (statins lower cholesterol) without ever measuring cholesterol levels in participants before or after the study. Additionally, they noted that the level of vitamin E needed to reduce oxidative stress is far higher than the amounts normally used in clinical studies, and is 1,600 to 3200 IU daily versus the 100 to 400 IU doses normally given to study participants.

As John Carlson, President of Carlson Laboratories explains, “This study is one of the more important vitamin E studies to be conducted in years. If this study is heeded by the scientific community and new studies with vitamin E are structured correctly, using the appropriate higher doses and measuring oxidative stress of study participants both before and after the study, the results could be exciting.” He further stated “Carlson Laboratories began our company with one vitamin E formula in 1965, so we’ve obviously believed in the importance of and the health benefits of vitamin E for a long time. It’s encouraging to see the scientific community reevaluating the way studies of this vitamin have been structured.”

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