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CBD Monthly Update — March 2020

CBD Monthly Update — March 2020
We gathered the top CBD news from this month to keep you in the loop.


FDA releases CBD report to Congress

In its report on the potential regulatory pathways for sale of hemp-derived CBD products, the agency claims more study is needed and “kicks the can down the road.” The report does, however, reveal insight into strategy and possible next steps. Read more at Hemp Supporter...

U.S. CBD uncertainty spurs $112M Tilray writedown

The Canadian marijuana producer is lowering the value of its U.S. CBD assets, citing delays from U.S. health regulators. This will slow the rollout of the company’s CBD products to mass retail outlets and hinder investment in its hemp company Manitoba Harvest. Read more at Hemp Industry Daily...

Coronavirus complicates funding efforts

As the virus rocks stock markets worldwide, it’s making it even harder for cannabis companies to raise money. Some marijuana financial experts, however, see a possible silver lining for investors in the opportunity to buy into companies at a lower price. Read more at Marijuana Business Daily...

Boomers embracing CBD

In a study of 11,000 Boomers, 83% of the respondents reported using some form of cannabis for recreational and medical reasons. “Sixty-six percent reported daily use and believe that marijuana and/or CBD is an important component of their lives,” says Lisa Cini, senior living expert, who conducted the survey. Read more at Businesswire...

Research: CBD may slow brain cell death

An in-vitro study suggests CBD can help to slow the decay of brain cells. Researchers specifically investigated CBD’s effectiveness against the neurotoxicity of hydrogen peroxide, as a potential culprit in severe pathological conditions such as cancer, strokes and neurodegenerative diseases. Read more at Liebert Pub...

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