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CBD Monthly Update — May 2019

CBD Monthly Update — May 2019
We gathered the top CBD news from this month to keep you in the loop.


38 Attorneys General push for SAFE Banking Act

The nation’s top lawyers submitted a letter to congressional leaders supporting the Secure And Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act, bipartisan legislation with 175 co-sponsors—currently moving through Congress—that would make it easier for banks to handle money involved in the cannabis industry. Read more at NPR...

Cannabis may fuel exercise

New research published in Frontiers in Public Health found that many people use cannabis before or after working out, and those who do actually tend to exercise more than the average American. Many subjects reported that pot motivated them to work out and helped them enjoy exercise more. Read more at Frontiers in Public Health...

Chinese cannabis cultivation booms

Though CBD remains illegal to consumers in China, a country with some of the strictest drug-enforcement policies in the world, Chinese companies are rushing to grow hemp and extract CBD to sell overseas. Read more at The New York Times...

Oversupply in Oregon and Washington

Oregon alone has enough cannabis to last until mid-2025 without the state having to grow one more plant—and few dispensaries sell products over a year old. Until interstate sales become legal, the two states struggle to solve the problem. Read more at Forbes...

Mile High Labs raises $65M

The company, one of the world’s largest CBD extractors, collaborated with MGG Investment Group to close the term loan. The deal enables the Boulder, Colorado-based company to secure its hemp supply and buy what executives called a “mountain of hemp.” Read more at Hemp Business Journal...

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