Cevena Bioproducts Appoints Rod Charko as President

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA – The Board of Directors of Cevena Bioproducts has announced that Rod Charko has been appointed President and CEO of the company.

Charko is charged with creating market opportunities for the company’s flagship proprietary ingredient, Viscofiber®, for dietary supplements and functional foods. Charko will also lead continued innovative research-driven applications for Viscofiber® as well as process refinements.

“Rod’s experience in service and manufacturing firms makes him a prime leader for Cevena and Viscofiber®,” Rick Smith, Cevena’s Board Chair comments. “He has demonstrated hands-on abilities in sales, marketing, manufacturing, operations and strategic planning.”

Charko holds an MBA, plus an MSc and a BSc in Engineering. Charko maintains professional relationships with top-tier venture capital funds, institutional capital, legal and accounting leaders as well as entrepreneurs throughout Canada.

Prior to his post at Cevena Bioproducts, Charko has held executive positions at ICEsoft Technologies, a successful spin-off of WindRiver Systems, as investment director with BDC Venture Capital, and at MetroNet Communications.

Says Charko, “Cevena Bioproducts Viscofiber® has extraordinary potential. Viscofiber® has been shown to benefit human health across a multitude of conditions and applications.”

About Cevena Bioproducts
Technically advanced grain-based ingredients for nutritional products are the focus of Cevena Bioproducts, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The company’s core mission is to improve human health and well-being through proven and effective nutritional products. Its lead product Viscofiber® is a high -glucan concentrate derived from oats or barley via a patented fractionation process that yields the highest quality -glucan ingredient on the market today. Viscofiber® is in clinical trials to prove its efficacy in addressing healthy cholesterol levels and maintaining a healthy glycemic response for heart health-conscious consumers. Further clinical research will illuminate its efficacy for gastrointestinal health and satiety. For more information, log on to www.cevena.com.

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