China's e-commerce industry booming

China's e-commerce industry booming

U.S.–China HPA has produced a 12-page report on China’s growing e-commerce channel.

China’s consumer goods industry continues to expand at a staggering pace. According to China’s National Bureau of Statics, January to September accumulated 2012 consumer good sales totaled $2.4 trillion and were up 14.1 percent compared with the same period last year.

One of the most dynamic growth channels for consumer goods sales is the Internet. China not only has the largest consumer base in the world, but they also have the largest consumer group that is electronically wired via Internet and smart phone technology. Consumers are finding more competitive pricing online as well as convenience in shopping.

As dietary supplements and other natural health products are considered consumer goods, the trend of shopping online has seen an increase of these products available through a variety of leading e-retailers.

The U.S.–China Health Products Association has produced a 12-page report on China’s growing e-commerce channel. To view this free report, visit the association’s website and sign up for the free newsletter on the association’s home page,

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