Chr. Hansen Gets Research Funds From the European Commission

The project titled "Controlling Biogenic Amines in Traditional Food Fermentations in Regional Europe"aims at improving the quality of fermented foods such as cheese and wine by reducing or eliminating their biogenic amine content (toxic metabolites causing illness).

“It is very rewarding to have our proposal to the EC approved for funding in this way” says Fergal Rattray, Application Manager, Cheese, Chr. Hansen, who is in charge of Chr. Hansen’s participation in the project.

“It underscores the importance of this research not only to our company, but also to the EC. Projects are approved not only on their high scientific and technological quality but also on their direct relevance to community policies. Our project fits perfectly within one the EC key research activities 'From fork to farm: Food, health and well being'."

16 partners from various universities, research institutes and industries in the EU are involved in the € 3.4 million project running from 2008-2011.

The overall project coordination is the responsibility of Prof. Juke Lolkema, University of Groningen, the Netherlands, while Chr. Hansen’s role in the project is to study the formation of biogenic amines in cheese and wine by conducting various pilot- and full-scale trials.

Pilot-scale cheese trials will be run at Chr. Hansen’s Application Technology Center in Hoersholm, Denmark, while full scale wine trials will be conducted at wineries with the collaboration of other partners within the project.
The wine activities of the project are being coordinated by Annicka Bunte, Application Manager, Wine, Chr. Hansen.

“One issue that unites us all at Chr. Hansen is our commitment not only to the quality, but also the safety of our products. Our participation in this project will ensure that we can continue to meet these key objectives,” says Annicka Bunte.

What are biogenic amines?
Biogenic amines are toxic metabolites which can be formed in fermented foods as a result of microbial growth. It can result in a food intoxication with symptoms like headache, palpations, diarrhoea and vomiting. Lactic acid bacteria are the main source of biogenic amines in fermented foods. The challenge is to produce food and beverages in which the levels of biogenic amines are reduced or eliminated.

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