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Natural Products Expo

Community Purpose and Impact Awards return to Natural Products Expo West 2023

new hope community purpose impact awards
New Hope Network is evolving its recognition and awards ceremony to reflect values that all industry members support. Here's what you should know.

If you are part of the natural products industry, you know that what we call “industry” is more than just business as usual; it’s community. At New Hope Network we recognize that what we provide as a part of this ecosystem are the resources, education and networking for business, and community, to grow and thrive. 

Growth means many things beyond getting larger and creating profit. Growth also means forging new and deepening existing relationships. And, in our universe, growth can be viewed as pushing boundaries and building on commitments to create new solutions that support health and sustainability for people and planet.

For these reasons the New Hope Network recognition and awards ceremony has evolved to reflect the values that all industry members support, nodding past accomplishments while recognizing that creating meaningful impact on health and the environment requires change and challenging the status quo.

Traditionally, once a year at Natural Products Expo West, New Hope Network honors the industry's greatest contributors in its Hall of Legends ceremony. In 2022, we transformed this memorable event to become The New Hope Community Purpose and Impact Awards ceremony, recognizing individuals and organizations who stand out as directly aligning with New Hope’s purpose to cultivate a prosperous high-integrity CPG and retail ecosystem that creates health, joy and justice for all people and regenerates the planet. We proudly continue this new tradition this year. 

We believe that the natural products industry exists to help progress a better world. New Hope Network understands that our purpose as a service providing enterprise is to elevate the values and actions of those that truly impact change, thereby our Community Purpose and Impact Awards are designed to specifically recognize change-makers. There are five awards, spotlighting individuals, activists, businesses and organizations that impact the following:

  • Ecosystem Award: Given to a person or organization that has done something meaningful to improve, connect or align the broader purpose driven Natural Products Industry ecosystem. This may be awarded to an individual, a non-profit or community activist/organizer.
  • Health Award: Given to a person or organization that has done something meaningful in the area of human health or nutrition.
  • Justice Award: Given to a person or organization that has done something meaningful in the area of food justice, climate justice, healthy food accessibility.
  • Joy Award: Given to a person or organization that has done something meaningful to bring more joy and positivity to our ecosystem or to consumers related to food/CPG.
  • Regeneration and Sustainability Award: Given to a person or organization that has done something meaningful related to regenerative agriculture, stewardship, sustainability, regenerative business.
  • Prosperity Award: Given to a person or organization that has been particularly successful and prosperous while focusing on remaining high integrity or impactful in the areas of health, joy, justice, sustainability, the “triple bottom line,” infused with the fourth, purpose.

To nominate a community member or a business for any of these awards, please click here. The deadline for nominations is 11:59 p.m. MT, Tuesday, Jan. 31. 

In addition to our five Community Purpose and Impact awardees, we will respectfully recognize in memoriam those that have impacted the industry that have recently passed. If you want to make us aware of an individual that has impacted the values and actions that define the Natural Products Industry, please consider responding to this in memoriam survey.

Please mark your calendars, as the winners will be announced in Anaheim on from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, March 9. Find more information here about this and other in-person events at Natural Products Expo West 2023.

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