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SourceOne names sales VP
Richard Peterson has been named vice president of sales and marketing for SourceOne Global Partners. Previously, he helped establish Danochemo USA, where he helped position the company to become one of the leading manufacturers of fat-soluble vitamins.?He went on to establish BioDar USA and was business manager of human nutrition at Seltzer Chemicals.

Palatinose wins EU approval
Palatinose, a functional carbohydrate from Palatinit, has been approved for use in the European Union in foods and beverages. In the US, Palatinose has GRAS status, making it suitable for use in foods and beverages there as well. Palatinose, also known under the generic name isomaltulose, is a unique sugar that can help reduce the low-glycaemic response of foods. Derived from sucrose, it is a natural constituent of honey and sugar cane.

Nordic toughens standard
Nordic Naturals has adopted a label on its fish oil supplements in accordance with Scandinavian standards. The new label identifies the amount of essential fatty acids by both area percentage (volume) and weight. The US currently has a standard of measuring them only by weight. The stricter label standard has been endorsed by the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

New zeaxanthin brand name
Chrysantis has made EZ Eyes the new brand name for its natural zeaxanthin products. Zeaxanthin, produced from marigold flowers, guards against age-related macular degeneration. Chrysantis has a wide range of proprietary zeaxanthin-lutein marigolds with profiles that vary from 75 per cent zeaxanthin and 5 per cent lutein to 50 per cent zeaxanthin and 50 per cent lutein.

Euromonitor expands in E Europe
Global market analyst Euromonitor International opened its first office in Eastern Europe, in the historic town of Vilnius, Lithuania. Consumer spending has risen by more than 80 per cent in the last five years in the region, and the company intends to expand its research activities in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Encapsulation business sold
Balchem Corp has bought the encapsulation and agglomeration business of IOI Group, Loders Croklaan USA. Balchem will continue to operate the acquired business primarily out of Illinois, with certain product manufacturing moving to other Balchem operations. This acquired business had sales of approximately $6 million in Loders? fiscal year ending June 30, and was financed from the cash reserves of Balchem.

Facts about flax
The Minnesota-based Flax Lignan Information Bureau has been launched to provide facts about flax. The bureau is an online resource available to educate consumers, retailers and others about the ingredient. It is funded in part by a grant from Acatris.

Business manager at Frutarom
Frutarom USA welcomes Jennifer Czerner as its technical business manager. A graduate of Auburn University, Czerner holds a bachelor?s degree in food science. She most recently worked as an account manager for Kerry Ingredients. She also worked at Barrington Nutritionals, where she developed its US distribution network.

Phytomedicinal research
EuroPharma has entered into a joint venture with VitaPlant, a Swiss research institute for phytomedicinal products, to fund six new research projects for the development of plant-based medicines. These new phytomedicinal products will be commercially available worldwide in 12-18 months.

New website for NutriCognia
Solbar?s new joint venture NutriCognia, which develops proprietary testing platforms for rapid glycoanalysis of food and beverage applications, launched a new interactive website. The site,, is a comprehensive source of information on CarboDeep, NutriCognia?s proprietary technology that compares glycan mixtures and produces a fingerprint of the glycan composition structure.

Safe folic acid alternative
Merck Eprova AG?s patented form of folate, Metafolin, has been approved as a safe alternative to folic acid for use in dietary supplements and foods by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives. Metafolin (the calcium salt of L-methylfolate) belongs to the group of folate vitamins (vitamin B9, folacin) that the body must obtain from dietary sources. Folic acid is typically used as a source of folate, but it must be assimilated by the body before it can exert its function. Merck Eprova AG?s Metafolin can directly be used by the body without further metabolic transformation, the company says.

Danisco preps upcoming CEO
Tom Knutzen will become the next CEO of Danisco, replacing Alf Duch-Pedersen, who plans to retire at the end of August 2006. Knutzen will join the Executive Board in February 2006, taking over CEO duties in May. Knutzen worked as president and CEO of the NKT Group?s listed parent company, NKT Holding A/S, where he has been employed since 1996, first as CFO, and since May 2000 as president and CEO.

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