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Xavier Leverve awarded prize for nutrition research
The Ajinomoto Association has awarded the to Xavier Leverve, PhD, a specialist in cellular energy metabolism, and parenteral and post-operative nutrition. Leverve's work also addresses increasing levels of diabetes in Third World countries. The Ajinomoto Prize recognises the breadth of Leverve's research and his commitment to teaching and facilitating communication between doctors and the scientific community.

ADM expands business
Archer Daniels Midland has created the ADM Specialty Oils and Fats group in a bid to strengthen its position in value-added ingredients. The new group will target the food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries with products derived from a variety of vegetable oil-based raw materials. They will be manufactured in Germany, France and the US.

In a bid to streamline its UK milling operations, food and ingredients group Associated British Foods is selling its British third-party flour milling business to ADM Milling, which includes flour mills at Edinburgh, Castleford, Knottingley, Liverpool, Corby and Tewkesbury.

Calling all consumers
Glanbia Nutritionals has launched a consumer-focused dairy calcium Web site ( to help educate both the general public and formulators on the benefits of natural dairy calcium. The Web site contains information on the benefits of dairy calcium to bone health, weight management and hypertension. In Glanbia's recent market research, it learned that consumers have a misconception that all calcium is derived from milk and are unaware that most calcium used in calcium-enriched foods is chemically synthesised.

More lipids in leek
Following increased market demand for high-purity, high-potency plant and marine lipids, UK-based Croda Healthcare has announced an expansion in lipid production at the company's Leek site. The planned development over the next 12 to 18 months will double manufacturing capacity of the lipids, including omega-3 and -6 PUFAs, for dietary supplements. The company says there is heightened interest in condition-specific products, such as the clinically tested Incromega 500 series.

Rhodia reorganises
Rhodia has announced a reorganisation with a new business model that will position the company to better meet the challenges of the future through cross-fertilisation of scientific and technological expertise, and closer relationships with customers and partners. To accomplish this, Rhodia has selected eight major markets, including consumer care, food, industrial care, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, automotive, electronics and fibres.

Lonza brings Pep out west
Lonza has selected Lane Labs as its specialty retail channel marketing partner for PepZin GI, a patented dietary supplement ingredient designed to enhance stomach health. This is the first of several supply channel agreements in Lonza's campaign to bring PepZin GI to the West. Lonza chose Lane Labs because it is a leader in the specialty/natural foods retail channel and is committed to ingredient-specific science.

Lonza has an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement to market PepZin GI. In Japan, PepZin GI has been sold for nearly a decade under the name Polaprezinc as an ulcer-healing drug that is supported by clinical research.

Getting to the source
Source Naturals Ltd has selected Biopolymer Engineering Inc to supply the active ingredient in its new branded beta 1,3/1,6 glucan dietary supplement that soon will be available in more than 6,000 US food stores. Biopolymer's patented beta glucan is extracted from the cell wall of baker's yeast and purified to remove potentially harmful mannoproteins.

EuroPharma heads to market
EuroPharma, a new European-inspired company developing a line of natural products for total body care, is set to debut in US natural foods stores this year. The visionary behind the product line is Terry Lemerond, also the founder of Enzymatic Therapy, who has developed a synergistic approach to health and beauty through proprietary formulas in his internal and external products.

Briess gets Young
Wisconsin-based Briess Industries has named Richard K. Young vice president of sales and marketing. Young will be involved in strategic planning, sales and marketing plans, and will manage company sales, customer service and communications. He joins Briess from a private consulting business. He previously held management positions at ConAgra, Keebler and Ocean Spray Cranberries. Briess produces specialty malts and value-added grain and legume ingredients.

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