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CinnaBeticII product award
Hero Nutritionals was awarded a product merit award from the Nutrition Business Journal for CinnaBeticII, a dietary supplement designed to promote glucose metabolism. CinnaBeticII is an all-natural water extract of cinnamon supplement that works to increase insulin sensitivity.

SourceOne Sytrinol study
SourceOneGlobal Partners has completed the final phase of a three-phase clinical trial on its patented cardiovascular wellness compound, Sytrinol, and the results are consistent with earlier findings, the Chicago-based company says. Derived from citrus and palm fruit extracts, Sytrinol is composed of polymethoxylated flavones and tocotrienols, and was proven to act synergistically to significantly improve total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

New digs for Fortitech Europe
Fortitech Europe has finished transferring production operations from its facility in Nilose, Denmark, to its new plant in Gadstrup, outside Copenhagen. The new plant is dedicated to nutrient premix manufacturing and contains a high-tech laboratory for developing and testing premixes in liquid or powder form that comply with Kosher and Halal standards.

Probiotics book released
A book written by Khem Shahani, PhD, a pioneer in the probiotics industry who died in 2001, has recently been published. Cultivate Health from Within: Dr. Shahani?s Guide to Probiotics is a comprehensive guide to probiotics use. Dr Shahani is credited with the discovery of the DDS-1 strain of L acidophilus; served on a committee of the World Health Organization for nine years; and founded Nebraska Cultures Inc., a company that continues to research and manufacture his line of probiotics.

NSF approval for Sabinsa
Sabinsa Corporation has received certification from NSF International for several of its ingredients: Gugulipid 40 mesh 2.5 per cent extract, Curcumin C3 Complex, Tribulus terrestris 20 per cent extract, Indole-3-Carbinol and Triphala Extract.

Suntheanine granted patent
Taiyo Kagaku in Japan has been assigned a US patent for Suntheanine, protecting the right to use the compound to treat symptoms associated with PMS and menopause. Suntheanine is also associated with improved sleep quality and enhanced mood stability, as well as the ability to decrease the unpleasant flavour of mineral-enhanced beverages, the company says.

Coromega sales manager
Tom Lonsway has been hired by the Coromega Co to be a national sales manager. Lonsway most recently served as business development manager for Valassis, where he pioneered the company?s entry into Western retail customer marketing, and developed and implemented a variety of successful co-marketing campaigns

DMV to open Innovation Centre
In December, DMV International will open a new Innovation Centre for Food & Nutrition in the heart of ?Food Valle,? an internationally recognised centre of excellence in food sciences in the region of Wageningen-The Netherlands. DMV has recently received several awards for product innovation, including the FIE Award of the Most Innovative Food Ingredient for Textrion GEL, the Nutrition Business Journal Award for Cysteine Peptide, and the NutrAward for its C12 Peptide line.

College opens testing centre
Researchers at the University of Minnesota?s College of Pharmacy have developed a centre that will investigate the safety of dietary supplements. The new centre will publish reports on supplements safety, develop a database of ingredients, and promote dialogue between manufacturers and the public.

Brand New Brands launched
A new company, Brand New Brands, has been formed to develop healthy food and beverage products. The company has raised $15 million in venture capital. Its three co-founders are Greg Horn, former CEO of General Nutrition Centers; Pete Mattson, chairman of Mattson & Co; and William Rosenzweig, co-founder and former CEO of the Republic of Tea and former executive vice president at Odwalla. Rosenzweig will serve as the company?s CEO; the first products are expected to premiere in late 2005.

Finnish firm buyout
Finnish companies Life-science-man Ltd from Helsinki and Medikalla Group from Kuopio have signed a letter of intent to sell FoodFiles Ltd, a subsidiary of Medikalla Group, to Life-science-man.

Speciality yeast association
A new professional association called EURaSYP has been created among producers of speciality yeast products in the European Union. Speciality yeast products are all products derived from inactivated, plasmolysed, autolysed or hydrolysed food yeasts marketed for their nutritional or flavouring qualities in agri-food sectors, and for their micro-organism growth properties.

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