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Taiyo Receives Patent
Minnesota-based Taiyo International Inc, a division of Japan-based Taiyo Kagaku, received a US patent for Suntheanine, its trademarked pure L-theanine. The patent covers the use of theanine for suppressing or ameliorating symptoms associated with anxiety, obesity, PMS, menopause, sleep disorders and autonomic imbalance. L-theanine has been clinically shown to reduce stress without drowsiness, the company says.

Pure World?S Koether Succumbs
Natalie I Koether, 63, president of Pure World Inc, died in early October following a hospitalisation that began Sept. 24. At that time, the company announced that her husband, Chairman Paul O Koether, would serve as acting president and Executive Vice President Qun Yi Zheng would serve as acting chief operating officer. Both will continue in these positions. The Koether's relationship with Pure World began in 1995, when their company, American Holdings, bought an 83 percent stake in Madis Botanicals, a New Jersey-based natural product company.

Burdock Goes to Washington
The toxicology, risk and efficacy assessment consulting firm The Burdock Group, founded by George A Burdock, PhD, has opened a new office in Washington, DC. The office, located at 888 17th St NW, allows the group close proximity to both the Food and Drug Administration and US Department of Agriculture, improving its current working relationships with these organisations and potentially benefitting clients who require notification and/or registration with governmental agencies.

DSM Leads at the Patent Office
DSM, the Dutch life science and performance materials company, announced that for the second year in a row it has been recognised by the European Patent Office as filer of the largest number of biotechnology patent applications in Europe. The volume is attributable to DSM?s two-year genomics program, the company says. The project analysed the complete DNA sequence of the Aspergillus niger fungus and the enzymes identified will be used in production of food ingredients.

Analysis for Trans Fats Facts
In light of recent regulation requiring manufacturers to list trans-fatty acids on the Nutritional Facts panel for conventional foods and some dietary supplements, Colorado-based Industrial Laboratories has introduced trans fats analysis. The service allows companies to determine a fatty acid profile of 52 individual fatty acids in most food products. Results are generally reported to the client within seven business days.

Acquisition Ripens Frutarom
In an effort to strengthen the company?s position on the worldwide market for flavours and plant extracts, Frutarom Industries acquired Emil Flachsmann AG. Flachsmann?s name will be changed to Frutarom Switzerland Ltd and will be integrated completely into the Frutarom Group, along with its flavour portfolios. The names ?Flachsmann? and ?EFLA? will continue to be used as brands and seals of quality.

FDA Rule Finalised
Due to a request by the Quaker Oats Co and Rhodia Inc, the US FDA has expanded the list of companies and products eligible for the health claim on the relationship between beta-glucan soluble fibre from whole wheat sources and reduced risk of coronary heart disease by adding a fourth type of beta-glucan soluble fibre. The fibre group Oatrim, the soluble fraction of alpha-amylase hydrolysed oat bran or whole oat flour with a beta-glucan soluble fibre content of up to 10 percent produced by Quaker-Rhodia, was not included in the FDA?s original 1998 modified fibre health claim.

Two Awards for InterHealth
At the annual NBJ Newport Summit, hosted by Nutrition Business Journal, InterHealth Nutraceuticals received NBJ Product Merit Awards for Super CitriMax and UC-II. Super CitriMax, a hydroxy-citric acid diet ingredient, was recognised for being the focus of the largest human clinical trial ever conducted on an HCA ingredient. The award for UC-II, a patented undenatured type II collagen complex that works with the immune system to promote healthy joints, acknowledged the introduction of a product that promises relief to the millions of arthritis sufferers.

Better Than Sliced Bread
Clover Corporation and George Weston Foods were joint winners of the 2003 Food Industry Innovation Award from the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology Inc. The two companies, along with Food Science Australia, developed the bread, Tip Top ?Up,? which contains a food ingredient made from tuna oil that is rich in omega-3 DHA. Through microencapsulation, tuna oil is turned into a fine white powder. This masks the smell and flavour of the tuna and protects it from oxidation. Using modified mixing processes, the powder is then added to the bread without affecting the taste. The microencapsulated tuna oil powder has also been developed for use in other products.

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