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Company news: Blue California, Ocean Spray, Cowabunga Ice Cream, Danisco

Company news for the May 2011 issue of Functional Ingredients including: Blue California, Biothera, Ocean Spray, Kappa Bioscience, Danisco, Cowabunga Ice Cream, Albion Human Nutrition and Bloomfield Farms.

Supplier earns top NSF designation
Ocean Spray has achieved the highest attainable SQF (Safe Quality Food) certification for food manufacturing and distribution, the only sweetened dried cranberry manufacturer to be awarded this distinction. The company’s four manufacturing sites, located in Markham, Wash., Tomah, Wis., Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. and Middleboro, Mass., were awarded SQF 2000 Code Level III certification by NSF International. Ocean Spray ITG offers an extensive portfolio of fruit ingredients including sweetened dried cranberries, BerryFusions Fruits, cranberry powders, concentrate and purée.

Large-capacity stevia production
In March, stevia ingredient manufacturer Blue California began large-capacity production of its naturally fermented Good Sweet Reb-A 99% sweetener. The zero-calorie sugar replacer was launched in December 2007 and earned GRAS status in July 2009. The new fermentation process promises to bring a real advantage to food producers because it guarantees a steady, uninterrupted supply and highly competitive prices. Sugar prices have been on the upswing globally, as demand has risen in response to the higher costs of high fructose corn syrup.

Wellmune Chinese logoWellmune WGP approved for use in China
The Ministry of Health in China has authorized the use of Wellmune WGP as a novel food ingredient. The immune-enhancing ingredient by Biothera is derived from a complex carbohydrate called beta 1,3/1,6 glucopolysaccharide, found in the cell walls of a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). It has been shown in numerous studies to mobilize billions of innate immune cells without overstimulating the immune system. Wellmune WGP is an ingredient in food, beverage and supplement products in more than 30 countries. It has earned broad regulatory approval, including GRAS status by the FDA.

Danisco to carry vitamin K2 MK-7
Danisco and Kappa Bioscience have announced plans to work together on the emerging vitamin K2 MK-7 for the food industry in the areas of bone and cardiovascular health. Kappa Bioscience is the first company to have developed a synthetic form of vitamin K2 MK-7, with the same full bioavailability and bioequivalence as natural vitamin K2 MK-7. Danisco will now feature this pure vitamin K2 MK-7 in its ActivK range. Vitamin K2, specifically the long chained menaquinones, are known to have crucial influence on bone and cardio functions and recently, its importance was recognized by EFSA by granting a bone health claim for vitamin K.

Cowabunga ice creamFrozen yogurts, ice creams now sold online
Cowabunga Ice Cream company of New Jersey has relaunched its new Web site at, enabling the designer ice cream brand to attract a national sales base. Its ice cream and probiotic frozen yogurt offerings can now be bought online for a minimum order of $50. Among its unique flavor offerings are Almond Joy, Cake Batter and Coffee Espresso. Cowabunga’s frozen yogurt cultures include S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. lactis and L. acidophilus. The yogurt base has earned the Live & Active Cultures seal, a voluntary program awarded to manufacturers whose products are independently tested and contain high levels of probiotic cultures.

Amino acid chelates patent
Albion Human Nutrition was issued a new patent entitled "Hypoallergenic Metal Amino Acid Chelates and Metal Amino Acid Chelate Containing Compositions." It relates to the composition, preparation, administration and formulation of hypoallergenic metal amino acid chelates and products containing them. The chelates produced via this patented method may be able to be used by the vast majority of people reported to suffer from allergy and sensitivity problems.

Bloomfield FarmsGluten-free manufacturing plant opens
A new 15,000-square-foot Bloomfield Farms plant in Bloomfield, Ky., specializes in manufacturing gluten-free baking mixes. It offers consumer-sized boxes online ( ranging in size from 15oz to 32oz and priced from $3 to $4. The company also takes orders for batters, breadings and coatings from commercial customers. Package sizes range from less than one pound to 2,000 lb totes.

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